How COVID Has Become a Blessing in Disguise for Freelancers

Freelancing not only outshined during the pandemic, but it was already booming to become the new trend due to its flexibility and independence of work.

How COVID Has Become a Blessing in Disguise for Freelancers

Ever since the call of the pandemic was made globally, hundreds of faces turned towards freelancing to take hold of this golden opportunity. Freelancing not only outshined during the pandemic, but it was already booming to become the new trend due to its flexibility and independence of work.

With a total of 5.3% rapid increase in the international freelancing services in 2020, America only enjoyed acquiring two million freelancers, stated Upwork, a freelance forum. This gigantic shift took place because people were troubled about their job safety and witnessed financial instability throughout international markets due to the virus outbreak.

Freelancing as a career heightened exponentially during the past year. Data from all over the world help prove why prevailing freelancing growth is a significant choice for many earners. It includes CNBC stating a 25% increase in freelancing openings followed by other cash cow enterprises who intend to swap full-time employment to remote working culture.

Moreover, Freelancers Union showed stats of nearly 57 million Americans working as freelancers in 2019 who made up nearly 1 trillion of America's GDP.

Freelance markets all across the globe experienced a momentous upsurge. Now is a good time to understand how the freelance revolution positively influenced many working individuals.

The positive impacts of COVID for Freelancers

Let's look at how covid has positively impacted the freelance industry.

New employment prospects


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Freelancing saved millions of homes by instigating a bulk of working opportunities in the international markets. They consist of full-time remote-jobs, part-time agreements, contracts, and project-based jobs.

According to a recent study, freelance employment prospects are to grow by 11.3%. One reason for it may be because a large number of people feel like acquiring more than just one way of income generation to build a diversified business portfolio.

Covering up for the unemployment blast during COVID


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Landing on a good job during the pandemic may not sound an easy possibility, but freelancing may be an optimistic approach to it. The International Labor Organization records the ill fate event of an estimated 400 million jobs lay-off during the mid of 2020.

Freelancing became the call of the hour in a time of need because it has platforms that offer remote jobs in fields of web development, software and application building, data analysis, digital marketing, HRM and customer support, as well as engineering and technical areas.

Changing preferences to hire flexible personnel


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People are not taking freelancing as an obligation, but it has become a choice by millions. This can be supported by the fact that about 50% of all companies observed a massive increase in their freelance employment in the last five years, although the pandemic reached us only last year.

With platforms like and Upwork who have 31 million and 12 million workers, respectively (WebsitePlanet), freelancing is making companies adapt to the new change of remote working. This, in turn, will help companies establish and co-found a larger workforce base by hiring experienced and flexible personals.

Remote working is the best call for freelancers


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With the increase in COVID cases, freelancing helped many individuals survive this crucial time by accessing remote jobs for them.

With only 7% of jobs in America that supported remote working, 80% of workers are ready to work in remote working culture. Remote working conditions were not as popular when COVD hit us, but with time, employers learned that their workforce could be even more productive while working from home as they are during office hours.

Another perspective to it is a benefit that part-time employees and contract-based workforce can avail. In crucial times where business owners are reluctant to hire full-time employees, freelancing can be a great means to stay in the market and grab available new openings.

Multiple working platforms can help boost careers


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Companies all over the world are looking for futuristic approaches to make their business run at full potential. Organizations are looking for new sets of talents to grow, and hence it is becoming easier for freelancers to get hired by gaining knowledge-based skills through online learning forums.

Freelancers are adapting to the need of the businesses and may work at multiple platforms to invest in their career, which in turn helps them to build a strong professional profile. For instance, take essay help, a platform that is encouraging remote working for all and will turn lots of heads towards freelance work.

Leaving past conventional business trends to adopt a futuristic business approach

Technology is taking over the trends of the corporate sector. What was once an alien concept of remote working, is now gaining global approval.

It is now upon us how to make this concept familiar and approachable so that the conventional business methods can be replaced by the new freelancing opportunities for all. Be it a white-collar job or an entry-level opening; freelancing gives equal chances to every individual who is willing to invest time and effort to build a future for themself.

Gaining new skills and enhancing the existing ones through online learning forums is the next best thing that businesses can welcome to stay active in the competitive digital era.

Helping the future cultivate by building a virtual workforce

Numbers speak for themselves.

About 95% of people who were freelancers before, admit to taking a freelancing career more seriously in the future. Adding more to the stats, 58% of the working class who is new to remote culture believe they are motivated enough to take up freelancing as a livelihood in the future.

If we keep the current data in front of us, we are going to realize that the rise in demand for freelancing is leading us towards a more balanced, stable, and secure employment structure. Creating a virtual workforce that can work regardless of the place can be beneficial for the upcoming progression of the economy.


An insecure future, struggling economy, and falling markets are evident facts that cannot go unnoticed but having a backup plan is essential. Adapting to the new change of remote working brought by freelancing will help millions more to boost their professional career and stay put in the corporate sector no matter what conditions or crisis prevails.

To sum it up, it might not be wrong to say that freelancing isn't just gaining popularity for no reason. In fact, with some of the above-mentioned impacts that freelancing has inculcated upon us has taken remote working to the next level with worldwide acclamation. Freelancing is one big platform that allows individuals of any age, gender, and background to avail themselves of the best of earning possibilities.

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