How To Apply For Jobs On goLance

How To Apply For Jobs On goLance

Ready to start applying for jobs on goLance? Fantastic! Our team wishes you nothing but luck and the best. This guide was created to help you through the steps to know exactly how to apply for work. Good luck fellow goLancers!

How To Apply For Jobs On goLance


You must have an account on goLance to apply for jobs. If you don’t and need help setting up your account please review this guide that covers how to create an account on goLance.


Visit GOWORK when you are ready to find jobs on goLance. This will have a feed with jobs for you to check out.


To filter jobs that match your skills please update the search criteria on the far right-hand side. See image below as a sample.

Filter Job Search


One you find a job that you like — click on the link to enter it and make sure to read the description to see if you’re a good fit.

Job Post To Click


After you read the description and feel you are a good fit look to the far right and select, “Apply For This Job.”

Click Apply To Job


Now it’s time to begin the proposal process. Please review the steps below matching the numbers with the image for direction.

  1. Select how you are applying. On goLance you can create company pages here is where you would list if you are applying as a company or yourself. (To learn how to create a company page please click here.)
  2. Enter your rate. Below will list goLance’s cut which is 10%.
  3. Write your cover letter. Really make sure to sell yourself and make it unique to the job.

Applying Stage I


The bottom half of the proposal has additional questions the client may want you to address, you’ll also have a chance to upload any attachments and finally apply to the job.

Proposal Second Half


To view the status of proposals you have sent please follow the steps below.

  1. Select, “My goLance”
  2. Select, “Proposals Sent”

Jobs Sent In


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