Why Is Michael Brooks The Living Freelance Encyclopedia?

Why Freelancers Like To Read Michael's Answers on Quora?

Why Is Michael Brooks The Living Freelance Encyclopedia?

My dear fellow freelancers, if you aren't following Michael Brooks on Quora, then you're missing a lot.

The Numbers Always Tell The Truth

The freelance topics, eight or them, on Quora are the world within the world with more than 600,000 followers combined. All major freelance platforms have their own pages created there.

Just to give you an idea of how big and impactful this corner on Quora can be for freelancers, I'm sharing the most popular and the most viewed answer in all freelance topics:

Why do people still work 9 to 5 when there are soo many ways to earn online?

Yeah, this is a great question, it's no wonder that you can find 72 different answers to it. One answer clearly stands out with more than 52,000 views and 80 upvotes.

Now, this isn't a surprise or a coincidence. Michael Brooks was the first writer on Quora to hit one million answer views in freelance topics. That's not all.

Michael is also the first and to the best of my knowledge the only contributor to be the most viewed writer in five freelance topics out of the total of eight more than once, at the same time. With more than 1,800 answers under his belt, you're free to say that he has covered almost any freelance topic and question a freelancer can possibly think of. Yes, that's one talking (better to say writing) and walking freelance encyclopedia alright.

Why Freelancers Like To Read Michael's Answers on Quora?

Michael Brooks isn't the only great writer in freelance topics on Quora. That's a fact. However, it's also a fact that you don't have too many freelancers who turned out to be the CEOs of freelance platforms later in their life.

That's the most appealing part about Michael's answers on Quora. So, you have one of the freelancers writing for the freelancers.

He's also brutally honest and uncompromising in his answers. When it's required to compare a platform he launched goLance with the competition, he does it fair and square. He doesn't hesitate a bit to bring out all the pros and cons, so the readers can draw their own unbiased conclusions.

Hey Michael, For A Better Look, Can You Put All Your Answers In A Book?

Just thinking out loud. Imagine that you're holding a book about freelancing with more than 1,800 pages. In a nutshell, that's Michael Brooks on Quora.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see all those answers organized and structured into the appropriate chapters. What would be the most suitable title for this book?

The Freelance Encyclopedia! What else? Right?