Scaling At Speed: The Role of Technology in Innovative Logistics.

Scaling At Speed: The Role of Technology in Innovative Logistics.

On the latest episode of the Scaling Edge Podcast, the host of the pod and CEO and Founder of goLance, Michael Brooks sat down with Ori Anavim to discuss how goLance helped him scale his business and stay on the forefront of innovation.

Scale, scale, scale.

Ori is the Founder and COO of Deliveright, a first-to-final-mile logistics company specializing in the delivery of heavy and bulky goods. Deliveright launched in 2015, honing in on the gap in the logistics and delivery market for the delivery of products that require multiple people to transport.

They started with one location in New Jersey and now have 50 locations across the United States. As Ori told Michael, on the whiteboard in their first office he wrote ‘SCALE’ in non-erasable marker to remind them that everything they developed had to be built to scale.

A logistical beast.

Michael and Ori discussed the challenges that come with logistics, the sheer amount of moving parts, and the necessity of developing technology that can deliver great service alongside strong customer relations.

Ori looked at the market and quickly realized that there were no out-of-the-box solutions that fully suited their needs: to scale, they had to build their own technology.

According to Ori, the tech that was out there was “archaic” with no single solution available that could look at the entire supply chain from vendor to warehouse to customer.

The Tech.

“The goal was always to deploy quickly to get the customers what they need as soon as possible. And then build on top of it.” Ori understood that delivering solutions to customers was their main priority and once it was out there, they could continue developing it further.

Deliveright established itself as a one-stop-shop, a logistics and technology company so that if they had an idea, they could test, build, and deliver it themselves. Ori’s background is technology so he understands how important it is to be able to experiment and pivot quickly without relying on third parties.

goLance and Growth.

Deliveright has been working with goLance for 5 years now. In this time, Deliveright has grown exponentially and Ovi ascribes a lot of this success to their ability to scale teams quickly using goLance,

Initially, they aimed to build out their customer service department and fill some roles in the tech functions. “The onboarding was so easy, and we were also able to very quickly find phenomenal people, many that are with us until today,” Ori said as he discussed the early days of their relationship with goLance.

As of 2024, Deliveright has goLance team members in nearly every part of their operation from sales to operations to customer service to transportation to billing. As Ori told Michael, “It was all-in-one, the time tracker, the employee utilization tracker, the payment systems.”

When you’re developing a startup, having someone to take excess paperwork off your plate and save you time is a huge asset. And this is exactly what goLance was able to do for Deliveright.

“It's been a pleasure being a part of your growth and watching you guys grow,” Michael told Ori as they wrapped up their conversation.

Deliveright is a brilliant case study of how radical growth can be achieved with goLance as your business partner.

Thank you to Ori for joining us on The Scaling Edge Podcast!

You can watch the full episode below.