There Are NO RICH Freelancers, BUT...

There are NO RICH freelancers, BUT there are rich former freelancers. Is it really true? What does it take to become a successful freelance entrepreneur?

There Are NO RICH Freelancers, BUT...

There's the second part of this sentence, you just have to be patient and keep reading. I know what you want to ask me. I can hear you from here. How come you're still a freelancer? If this is true then what's the catch? So, without further ado, here's the second part:

...There Are Rich Former Freelancers!

What's this supposed to mean? My word of advice is, become a freelancer, but don't be one all of your life. Do what you do best, but try to take it to the next level. If you are a developer, hire new developers. Expand your freelance business. Hire a designer. How about a writer? Spread your corporate wings. It's easy for you to say. Well, that's not true.

I'm still a one-man team, but this doesn't mean that I can't have corporate dreams. I would like to run a small freelance writing company, no matter how small it may be. I don't need an army of writers. Just a colleague or two. I would like to pass on knowledge and experience. I'm sure I would feel good about it.

It Has Worked For Others - It Will Work For You Too

The guy, who helped me make my first freelance steps, now runs a successful development company with a dozen freelance developers. Don't get me wrong. You can go on with your freelance business just the way it is right now. If you are happy and you don't want to "complicate" things, then forget about this one. But, if you want to turn your freelancing activity into the money-making-and-raining machine, you need a team.

You will still swim in freelance waters, but in a different more profitable way. To be totally honest about it, I've tried to do what I preach. What happened? I got burned more than once, but I'm not giving up. I had to cover other freelancers' work with my own money because my reputation was at stake. I realized that reliable freelancers are hard to find. That's why I appreciate my work even more.

Lone Wolves Are Proud, But Always Hungry By Default

When I got tired of 9-to-5 routine and office "friendships," I decided to give freelancing a try. My new lone ranger status was such a relief and refreshment. I've learned what it means to be truly free for the first time in my life. Everything was entirely up to me. There was no one around to blame. And, no one to get on my nerves.

The truth is also that more than once I wished there was a designer in my team to help me with the logo design for my client. I recommended so many of my good friends to my clients for other types of work that I lost count. I often wondered how great it would be to accept a project and take care of it from A to Z. To design a new website, create a new logo, write content, optimize it, and do all the client wants to be done.

I Have A Freelance Dream, How About You?

I dream of the day when I will use "WE" more often than "I." I'm not sure that will help me to earn more, but I will know how to treat my freelancers the right way. Do you know who were my best clients ever? Well, that's simple. The former freelancers are the best clients for any freelancer. Do you agree?