goLance's Road To The 2019 American Business Awards®

The Stevie Awards gala is the Oscars for businesses and entrepreneurs.

goLance's Road To The 2019 American Business Awards®

The Stevie® Awards gala is the Oscars for businesses and entrepreneurs.

You have it all: the glamour, anticipation, excitement, and of course, the winning speeches and the prestigious award statues. So, what's the equivalent of the Oscar Academy Members? Well, that has to be the Stevie® Awards judges.

I have to admit that I was impressed by the fact that:

Judging of The 2019 American Business Awards® was conducted by the members of 13 specialized committees. Their average scores determined the winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie® Awards.

By following this link you can see a list of all these committees. Yeah, it's really something, isn't it?

Now, we all love the winners, but we remember the underdogs. They are the ones to make the history at every award-winning ceremony. If there are no surprises then there's no excitement and not much worth talking about. Right?

The Freelance David Among The Big Business Goliaths

Let's just be totally honest about it. When an epic movie picks up a handful of Oscars, we are excited, but we aren't surprised. The same applies to the American Business Awards®. When the well-known big business names with the thousands of employees and the decades under their belt win these awards, you have the same feeling.

This year, a small independent and relatively new freelance marketplace goLance won not just one or two, but actually three awards. It seems that this platform was able to win the hearts and minds of both the judges (Gold and Bronze Stevie® Awards) and the people (The People's Choice Stevie® Award).

The people have spoken and their votes made it possible for goLance to win the People's Choice Stevie® Award. I also wanted to know what the Stevie® Awards Judges had to say about goLance.

Here are some of the most interesting and indicative excerpts from the Stevie® Awards Judges' comments:

Judges Comments on The Gold Stevie® Award for Management and Payment Platform for Online Freelance Workers

This is fantastic product in today's world of distributed workforces.

GoLance is a win all for everyone - Businesses, Freelancers and the GoLance itself. GoLance adds transparency to payment processes and also allows for management/monitoring of employees. It provides seamless integration with several payment gateways.

An appropriate solution and a good process to support freelance work.

A very effective way to ensure a healthier freelancing market, ensuring the demands of the market are met in the most efficient way possible.

Judges Comments on The Bronze Stevie® Award for Vendor Management Solutions in the Business Technology category

goLance is a contingent workers dream.

This is an excellent idea! Especially with the upcoming generation who often don't want to be tied down to an office or 9-5. Congratulations on your nomination.

goLance is a new way to recruit I recently had a great experience with goLance. I used it for the first time to hire someone to help me with some design work. The process of creating an account, finding someone skilled to help me, managing the project and paying were straight forward. Would highly recommend.

The biggest challenge that needs overcoming in the freelancer world is trust. The employers should trust freelancers to get the job done correctly, and the freelancer should trust the employer to pay them. This is a platform that takes care of the trust aspect of this relationship.

All goLance American Business Awards® Well-Deserved

What are you supposed to say after reading these Stevie® Awards judges' comments? Well, not much to say, but actually to do. Sign up right now and judge for yourself as both a client or freelancer or both as an agency.

While doing so, here are a few more minutes of goLance CEO Michael Brook's offstage interview to watch and get inspiration from.

Is goLance the future of freelancing? These awards are the best confirmation you could possibly ask for.

It's GO Time!