The Art of Digital Marketing Mastery: Insights from Ted Lau of Ballistic Arts

I had the pleasure of hosting Ted Lau, the mastermind behind Ballistic Arts, a digital marketing agency that's revolutionizing the way middle market B2B companies grow their online presence. Listen to Full Episode: here

Reverse Engineering Success

One of the key takeaways from my conversation with Ted was his unique approach to helping clients achieve their financial goals. At Ballistic Arts, they start with the end in mind, reverse engineering the process to understand exactly how many qualified calls a client needs to hit their revenue targets. By dissecting the average order size and closed rate, they craft a digital marketing strategy that's not just about getting likes or followers but about generating a tangible return on investment.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

Ted emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to digital marketing mastery. Rather than chasing the latest trends or focusing on isolated tactics, his team looks at the bigger picture to ensure every aspect of a client's digital presence is working in harmony. This comprehensive digital marketing strategy is what sets Ballistic Arts apart and has been a cornerstone of their success over the past 22 years.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Reflecting on the evolution of digital marketing, Ted shared how the landscape has drastically changed since he started his business. With the emergence of platforms like Facebook and YouTube, the focus has shifted from merely having an online presence to creating a measurable impact on a company's bottom line.

Building a Team with Core Values

A significant part of our discussion centered around the importance of hiring people who are not just smart but smarter than oneself in specific areas. Ted highlighted the role of core values in building a successful digital marketing team, with continuous improvement, radical candor, cause and effect, and determination being the pillars of Ballistic Arts. These values have not only shaped the company culture but have also been instrumental in navigating the challenges of digital marketing leadership.

Effective Communication and Leadership

During our talk, I shared my approach to effective communication in marketing, which involves asking for permission before delivering candid feedback. This method fosters a sense of respect and control, allowing for open and honest dialogue without fear of causing harm. Ted agreed, noting the importance of adjusting communication styles to fit the preferences and sensitivities of team members.

Addressing Challenges with Empathy and Insight

Ted shared a compelling example of how his team handles disciplinary issues by seeking insights from various leaders within the company, such as the director of operations and HR. This collaborative approach ensures that actions taken are sensitive to the individual's personality and the situation's workability, aligning with the company's mindset of no blame, just solutions.

Connect with Ted Lau and Ballistic Arts

As our conversation came to a close, Ted extended an invitation to listeners who are seeking no-nonsense digital marketing expertise. He can be reached through the Ballistic Arts website at Additionally, Ted has launched a new YouTube channel and hosts Marketing News Canada, where he interviews top marketers like the CMO of Indeed.

Final Thoughts

It was an absolute pleasure having Ted Lau on the Scaling Edge, and I'm already looking forward to our next conversation. His insights into digital marketing, team building, and leadership are invaluable for anyone looking to scale their business digitally.

Stay tuned for more episodes, and if you're eager to dive deeper into the world of effective digital marketing and company culture, be sure to check out Ballistic Arts and Ted's other ventures. Until next time, keep scaling and be well!