Monetize your Time while staying safe at home

Coronavirus has awakened the sleeping mindset of academia. So right now is the perfect time to revisit everything that we have done in the past and make the necessary improvements.

Monetize your Time while staying safe at home

Coronavirus has awakened the sleeping mindset of academia. So right now is the perfect time to revisit everything that we have done in the past and make the necessary improvements.

The education systems throughout the world have been questioned and the recent pandemic is making everyone think about the world, themselves or each other. Schools are closed and “business of schooling” dived deeply in terms of cash inflows.
Even developed countries have no proper framework for a home-office mode, so one could imagine the pitiable situation for the underdeveloped countries.
Nevertheless, what to do if governments have no solution?! Can you wait until things get back? Will you rather feel useless until the pandemic vanishes or take the opportunity and improve your skills?

Today I would like to tell you possible ways how you can monetize your present situation, without going anywhere outside.

Learn a skill

Gone are the days when you could rely on a degree throughout your career. The pandemic has literally shaken up with economy all over the world. The upcoming currency is going to be your skill. If you have any, multiply it and polish it. If you don’t, then learn by using digital space. There are tons of content available on YouTube.

Pro tip

Udemy, Coursera and Edx have brilliant offers in terms of discounts and free courses. Check out! They would definitely help you with shaping your future.

Remember, skills cannot be stolen!

Start Freelancing

You may have seen this word, but as a newbie, you may have been charging extra from different marketplaces a lot. Even in this situation, the marketplaces have not brought their commission down.
Try to search for that marketplace which is meant for YOU. There are marketplaces taking minimum commission from freelancers. Feels like a blessing in disguise of lockdown! 
There is a number of options which come across the freelancing bracket. Like graphic designing, web development, writing, programming, optimization, app development and much more.
All you have to do is to learn the skill which matches not only with your interest but also feeds your curiosity!

Digital Marketing

If you do not prefer freelancing, digital marketing can be an option for you as well. It’s all about promoting and establishing a company or an individual’s profile. It has everything to do with social media such as running an ad campaign, making ads, creating content, posting it and so on.
You may be hired for some months and that is one of the reasons why digital marketing falls under highly paid jobs on the internet.

Start a blog

Writing is an art which comes through imagination, observation, expression and knowledge. If you are able to express your thoughts in words, go on and start a blog!
Blogging is an online diary or journal usually written in informal language. The purpose of the layman expression is to provide information or to educate about a certain topic. Blog has a personal view of the author on a certain issue or situation.
Besides writing, you should be tech-savvy to run a blog. Moreover, your blog needs to be updated daily. And if are you able to maintain a significant amount of readers, you can monetize it.

Grow up socially

Besides all the mentioned options, this one requires more time and patience if you want to be known in the digital world.
You might be using social media aimlessly. Try to use them to inspire people through your artwork, service or any physical product instead!
Respect your followers because they are those you made the impression on! Digital connections serve it as a primary block in building up your portfolio, so connect consciously.

Hey, what did you say?

It is really embarrassing when you are unable to understand or deliver while speaking. The world is a global village and English is, without a doubt, a global language. You can learn any of the skills mentioned above under one condition. You necessarily need skills in communication.
Selling yourself is an art which has everything to do with your communication and business development skills. Language plays a huge role in it. Choice of words in an elevator pitch, your tone and mentioning your achievements requires practice. But all in all, everyone who is ready to learn something new, can achieve almost anything!