In What Areas is it Most Profitable for Freelancers to Work in 2021?

In What Areas is it Most Profitable for Freelancers to Work in 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about flexibility at the workplace as many organizations adopt remote work to create more jobs for freelancers. Freelancing jobs have grown tremendously in the past year, with the workers citing that they love the work flexibility.

The world has witnessed a transition from traditional working to freelancing to embrace the "gig economy." Understanding the most profitable areas to work as a freelancer will job seekers when choosing the industry to join in 2021.

Video marketing

Being a distinct skill from digital marketing, video marketing could grow tremendously in 2021. Video marketing entails optimizing video content to fit in different social media platforms to attract online viewers.

To make more money with video marketing, marketers are be required to optimize the videos for search engines and promote the content online. This is a great way to enable businesses to gain more visibility and attain a competitive edge in the industry.

Most customers prefer watching videos to reading long text content because videos are more interesting and visually appealing. With the high demand for videos, businesses can get new customers after posting videos on social media. Marketers and videographers earn about $30 per hour. The growth of platforms such as TikTok and YouTube has led to an increase in demand for video creation and editing services. A video editor can add audio, remove errors, and perform other related tasks with free or paid software that is available online.

Customer service

The area of customer service is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important parts in many sectors. Since many people are now shopping online, there is a need to address the issues of service provision and purchasing.

Customer service can have a big impact on customer experiences and brand loyalty, so companies should pay more attention to it in 2021. Poor customer experiences can annoy customers and cause them to shift to a different brand. The COVID-19 pandemic has made customer service more important in 2021to address queries and issues in the digital environment. Whereas customer service jobs were initially full-time positions in departments, companies are engaging freelancers to meet their customer service needs.

Organizations are seeking services of customer service specialists who are versed with service personalization that could help to sour growth. They are looking to provide customized interactions at every level to deepen connections with their customers, make them loyal and get better results.


Many organizations and individuals are looking for skilled and quality therapists more than before. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on relationships, with some couples reporting conflicts. Remote working has also harmed relationships to the extent of causing breakups.

The increased relationship challenges and mental health strain brought about by the pandemic are likely to create more opportunities for freelance therapists in 2021. There may be increased demand for counselors who specialize in behavioral and mental health. The demand for family and marriage therapists could grow by about 22% in 2021, while that of mental health counselors could grow by about 24%. Many therapists are employed in clinics and medical centers, but some may opt for freelance opportunities in 2021.

Most therapy roles require reasonable training, and in particular, an advanced degree. This means that freelance therapy opportunities are not for people looking for side hustles but are for those seeking to advance their careers.

Programming and software development

Skilled coders and programmers can make up to $35 per hour as freelancers in 2021. Due to the pandemic, companies have been forced to digital frameworks, making computer programming one of the most sought-for jobs. People who are skilled in Java, JavaScript, C+, SQL, and Python coding should consider seeking freelance programming opportunities. Software development jobs that may be most sought include:

  • Back-End developers. Back-end developers ensure the proper functioning of websites by creating codes to power databases, applications, and websites. The demand for back-end developers may grow because many small and large businesses are creating websites to connect with their customers.

  • Front-end developers. They write codes to create web design and bring it to life as per the clients’ specifications.

  • Full-stack developers. They perform the roles of back-end developers and front-end developers in addition to managing smaller software development projects.

Digital marketing

Freelance digital marketing consulting is an area to watch in 2021owing to the scramble for digital presence by many businesses. It is also a lucrative opportunity in a freelance economy, with digital marketers earning as much as $100,000.

Many organizations are now looking beyond their full-time talent to meet their digital marketing needs. Some of the social media marketing activities are being managed by freelancers. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the growth of the e-commerce industry, with online transactions being on the rise. Savvy marketing may be important for companies seeking to remain competitive through the digital marketplace. Digital marketing is wide, so freelancers can specialize their skillset to meet business expectations in 2021.

Some of the most sought-after skills in this area include data analytics, Search Engine Optimization, web design, and branding. Upcoming marketers can learn new skills or specialize if they are hoping to excel in their freelance careers.

Social media management

Just like digital marketing, many organizations will be looking for professional social media managers to oversee marketing. A social media manager creates social media strategies for brands and implements those strategies to engage with an audience on various social media platforms.

A social media manager manages the team of graphic designers and copywriters to create valuable social media content. Sometimes they may prepare images and copies independently depending on their complexity. They also engage with existing and prospective customers through direct messages, comments, and other forms of engagement. The social media management segment is expected to grow in 2021 because of the need for organizations to search for strategies for ROI. The market could also grow due to the need for organizations to enhance customer experiences and boost user engagement on social media.

App development

The demand for app developers is on the rise, just like that of programmers and coders. Organizations that are going digital should make their websites mobile-friendly by creating applications. The increase in internet and mobile users is set to boost the demand for applications to support consumption needs. Android usage accounts for over 80% of the market share, which means that the stock for non-native and native apps may continue growing. App developers are using their skills to support growing organizations daily, and the trend will continue in 2021.

Mobile developers are shifting towards cross platforms for better efficiency and faster development. Companies such as Pinterest, Alibaba, and Facebook have already switched to cross platforms which has increased demand for mobile apps on various platforms. Organizations are set to continue outsourcing app development services to freelance developers on-demand or app development agencies.


The professionals working in any of the above industries are set to make good profits in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for freelance jobs because many organizations are no longer relying on internal talent. For enhanced productivity and efficiency, freelancers should sharpen their skills or specialize in the areas they are most talented in. No matter their expertise, freelancers should choose the type of jobs that make them satisfied and happy.

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