5 Practical Tips For Freelancing to Make More Money

Here are some tips to help you raise your freelance earnings

5 Practical Tips For Freelancing to Make More Money

First, it is important to decide if you are ready to quit your regular job and completely switch to freelancing. To do this, divide your current salary by four and see if this amount is enough for you to live. Most likely, you will earn that much at first. After all, it will take time to gather a client base and adapt to new conditions.

Everyone who starts a new business: be it a new employee in a store, a driver, or anyone else - wants to receive decent wages. Freelancers are no exception.

The difference between state workers and freelancers is that the first ones at least know their approximate earnings, because the state has already taken care of this. Or, going to work and submitting a resume somewhere, they indicated how much they would receive. Novice freelancers try to find this kind of information on the Internet and follow the tips of more experienced people who understand this area and what payment they want for the work they do.

Here are some tips to help you raise your freelance earnings:

  • Delegate your routine and be more productive.
  • Raise your prices
  • Don't be afraid to lose your current customers.
  • Increase your rating on exchanges and ask for feedback from customers.
  • Set goals that will motivate you.

Let's take a closer look at no less important points:


How good or bad your focus is on tasks directly affects the time you spend completing them. The more distractions around you, the longer it will take you to complete the task.

When you work from home, distractions often appear from all over the apartment, such as children, the smell of food, the sun outside the window, a new episode of your favorite TV show, screaming in the street, whatever.

It is best to equip your home office correctly, or you can rent a space in a coworking space if there is no working atmosphere at home.

Talk about your desire to earn more

It's nice to bill for work done that you've given a lot of your time and energy to, isn't it? Remember that as you grow, you become a more valuable employee. As we said above, your interest is growing. Do not forget about this factor, because where you are now earning, for example, $ 200, your knowledge is actually worth more and other people can provide you with such an opportunity. It is also important not to overestimate your capabilities, but to know when to stop, so as not to appear to those who know little, but want a lot. Learn and be honest with yourself and those you work for. Watch tutorial videos relevant to the interior and outline the basics for yourself. Even if you are a beginner, try to delve into how this activity works on your own.

Online promotion

Today, it is more important than ever: be sure to engage in online promotion - this is the most reliable way to increase your authority in the eyes of potential customers. You can get projects on a regular basis without wasting time looking for them.

Join profile groups, participate in various discussions, add friends to people who work in this area and more often publish posts about your projects and services on your personal page. This will help people know who you are and what you can do for them.
You can also publish articles in the media, and completely free of charge. It is also worth reading the necessary materials about this, understanding it well and giving it a try.

Explore other areas and directions

As a freelancer, you get the freedom to choose different ways to make money and you don't have to limit yourself to just one direction. The more you can, the more you earn.

Find areas that you are good at besides your main specialization. You can have many other hobbies, right? Are you a good musician, cook? Show your abilities and show them to the world. It is also good when you are looking for a job - people will see that you are a versatile, interesting, talented person, which means you can do more than others, this will be a plus for you.

Develop and learn new things

Each time you carry out a particular project, you get some new knowledge and experience from it. Each completed project teaches you something, but constantly improving your qualifications in courses and workshops is a necessary condition for the survival of a freelancer, because today everything in the world is changing so quickly that you need to not only keep up with trends and competitors, but also be able to stay ahead of them: only then can you qualify for high income. The more you know, the higher your relevance on the exchanges. The higher your professionalism, the higher your income.

You can also try yourself in cryptocurrency, which is popular on today's day, because many people do this on cryptocurrency resources and, having mastered some knowledge and having studied the basics and features of this type of earnings, they can already withdraw their honestly earned money without spending a lot on it the amount of time and effort; you can also use goLance is one of the very few platforms where freelancers can get paid in crypto currency.

If you are constantly learning new technologies, you can take on a wider range of orders. As an ordinary employee of the company, you, in principle, do not have to learn new items until the urgent need arises. You can just sit and do the same day after day that you have always done.


Gradually, you will receive more and more experience, and the number of orders and their price will only increase. When you start making really good money, you will realize that you have chosen this path for a reason.

After you figure out if it is enough to ask for this amount of money for your work, and not more, you can put a price tag. Don't be shy, be confident. Improve, learn, try and earn more and more, everything is in your hands.