How to Improve Freelance Writing Skills Using AI Paraphraser Tools

Learning the in and outs of each format is difficult, but freelance writers can get some much-needed help using AI writing tools.

How to Improve Freelance Writing Skills Using AI Paraphraser Tools

Freelance writing is a popular venture nowadays. In 2022, writing is a very in-demand field as most businesses and companies require writers in some capacity.

It could be simply for writing emails and technical documents, or it could be for writing copies and blogs.

Freelancers do not always have the luxury of being able to choose what kind of project they want to do. Sometimes, they may be forced by circumstances to take whichever project comes their way. Hence freelancer writers have to be able to write in multiple styles and formats.

Learning the in and outs of each format is difficult, but freelance writers can get some much-needed help using AI writing tools.

Role of AI in Writing

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. Every day we see some mind-blowing application of AI that was previously thought to be impossible. The biggest examples are the smartphone assistants that come built-in with Android and iOS phones.

It is only natural that AI also spread its influence in the field of writing. There are multiple ways in which AI has helped writers. However, the most notable one is in the form of tools. AI paraphrasers, summarizers, and content generation tools are some of the applications of AI in writing.

These tools can save a lot of time and effort on a freelance content writer's part. They are also very useful for improving a writer's skills. The applications of these tools extend beyond what they were designed for. And that's what makes AI writing tools great.

What Are AI Paraphrasers?

AI paraphrasers are tools that use artificial intelligence to understand the context of the content and then rewrite it using different words, phrases, and sentences. The final result is a text that has the same meaning as the original but is worded differently.

Here are some ways in which AI paraphrasers are helpful to freelancers in improving their writing skills.

How to Improve Freelance Writing Skills Using Paraphrasers

1. Remove Repetition

Repetition is something that occurs in writing due to many reasons. It could be because the writer:

Ø Has a limited vocabulary.

Ø Is too reliant on crutch words.

Ø Does not have enough information on the topic.

Ø Is indulging in keyword stuffing.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is an established fact that repetition in any kind of content reduces its quality and makes it difficult to read.

Freelancers are faced with this problem especially when they are new and do not have much experience. They have to do all kinds of projects, some of which they are ill-equipped to tackle.

By using a paraphrasing tool, they can significantly reduce the repetition in their content. Since AI paraphrasers use words from a dataset provided by humans, they will automatically match the context and use the appropriate synonyms for the repetitive words.

Freelance writers can learn from this and improve their own writing skills. The next time they do similar jobs, they will be able to do them without getting repetition in the content.

2. Increase Vocabulary

Often freelancer writers are people who are writing in their second language. People from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India are easily found on freelance platforms. Americans like to hire these people because they are much more affordable than their western counterparts.

However, writing in your second language is anything but easy. These writers have a much more limited vocabulary compared to someone who grew up speaking English.

It was previously mentioned that a lacking vocabulary is one of the causes of repetition. Using AI paraphrasers, such freelancers can increase their own vocabulary (learn new words) while earning money.

It is an incredibly efficient method where freelance writers can learn while working instead of taking time out of their personal life and dedicating it to learning.

An increased vocabulary ironically reduces the writer’s dependence on the paraphrasing tool, which is ultimately good for the writer.

3. Learn To Write Unique Content

Unique content, simply put, is content that does not have plagiarism in it. Unique content is a requirement for academic writing, article writing, blog posts, and copywriting.

If a freelancer has to write articles and blog posts for online blogs, then they must take care to write unique content. Online content plays a pivotal role in a website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Duplicated content can severely affect SEO as search engines are capable of detecting plagiarized content.

They can penalize the content by reducing its rank or removing it from their index. In academic writing, duplicated content can result in that article/paper being rejected by the publishers, and this can give the author a bad reputation.

AI paraphrasers can remove plagiarism from content by making use of unique wording, sentence structure, and phrasing. This can safeguard people from plagiarism.

Freelance writers can observe how AI paraphrasers make the content unique and then try to apply those methods in their own writing. This can help them improve their writing skill as writing unique content is extremely important.

4. Improve Readability

AI paraphrasing tools are very good at being able to write using easy-to-understand wording. In fact, quite a few tools specifically come with the option to increase the readability of the text.

In some tools, there aren’t any explicit signs that they can make the text easier to read, but they do so by default. Hence, using paraphrasers can help freelance writers learn how to write in a more readable way.

Freelancers have to frequently send out proposals and samples to various clients in order to land a job. They may have to send proposals to foreigners or to people whose second language is English.

In all these cases, if the proposal/email/correspondence is not easy to understand, there will be a communication breakdown. This could result in the freelancer losing that project or client.

Since content writing is in such high demand, freelance writers are often hired to write various types of content. This can include copies, blog posts, and articles. The common thing about all of these is that they are targeted toward a wide range of audiences.

When you have content that is being read by children, adults, and teenagers, it becomes much more important to write it in an easy-to-understand way. This is because different people have different literacy levels.

To cater to everyone, the content must be easy to comprehend. Content writing is used for advertising, and if you exclude a part of your audience by using fancy words and difficult jargon, you are effectively damaging the marketing strategy.

And that should tell you why readable writing is so important to freelance writers.

5. Learn Different Writing Styles

Another way in which freelance writers can improve their writing skills using AI paraphrasers is to learn new writing styles.

Freelance writers often have to do “ghostwriting”. Ghostwriting means that you write for someone else and they publish the work under their name. This implies that the ghostwriter does not get the credit for that work and cannot claim that it is his/hers.

To be able to effectively ghostwrite for different clients, a freelance writer must be able to switch their writing style flexibly. If they keep writing in the same style, people will begin to notice that the works of different authors seem to be similar.

This is not good for freelance writer or their clients, so mastering multiple writing styles can help avoid this outcome.

Another reason for learning multiple writing styles is that as a freelance writer, you may have to write both casual blog content, technical documents, and academic papers.

Blogs are supposed to be written in a conversational style. Using multiple “Personalities" in your writing can help you write in diverse styles.

Academic papers have a formal tone. They do not include any jokes or metaphors. Every sentence needs to be built toward a specific point. They are lots of technical terms used in them and the overall difficulty is quite high.

Technical documents are even more stringent. They have a complete no-nonsense approach. Everything is to-the-point and straightforward. There is a lot of technical jargon used as well.

A writer may be proficient in one style more than the others. However, using an AI paraphraser that offers options to write in formal and informal styles can help them cover their weakness. In the long run, it can train them to write proficiently even in the styles that they are weak in.

Why Improving Your Writing Skills Is Important?

It was previously mentioned that writing is a very lucrative field in 2022. Due to self-publishing becoming much more normalized, authors everywhere are hiring freelance writers for ghostwriting.

This increase in demand means that writers have a lot of work that they can do. But this also increased the influx of people who got into writing to make a quick buck. This has generated quite a lot of competition.

With lackluster writing skills, you cannot hope to thrive in such a market. Clients will be hesitant to pick a writer who does not have great skills. Since they have many people to choose from, they can always look for a better writer.

In freelancing, being able to find a client that is happy with your work and consistently hires you is a blessing. Everyone wants some level of stability and unfortunately freelancing is anything but. To land such clients, you need to have the necessary writing skills and a portfolio to back your claims.

Without great writing skills, freelance writers cannot thrive and they will have trouble landing projects consistently. Their clients may get dissatisfied and move on to other writers. Hence, the writer can lose their source of income.

To avoid all of these disadvantages, writers need to improve their skills and AI paraphrasers can help them with that.


In conclusion, we can say that writing skills are the most important thing required by a freelance writer. They can improve their skill by taking help from AI paraphrasing tools.

These paraphrasers can teach them various things such as:

· How to remove reputation.

· New words and phrases.

· Creating unique content.

· Improving content readability.

· Writing using different styles.

If freelance writers can learn all of these things, the level of their writing can be raised and they can confidently take on a significant number of full-time jobs.