goLance Lowering Its Service Fees to 7.95%

goLance Lowering Its Service Fees to 7.95%

goLance Inc is proud to announce a fantastic savings opportunity for freelancers by lowering the Service Fees to 7.95%. This new service fee will become effective immediately.

Dover, DE: November 5th, 2018 – goLance the fastest growing freelancing platform announces its decision to further lower its Service Fees to 7.95%. This is an unprecedented business decision in the industry that has a notorious reputation of constantly rising up the service fees among the competitors.

GoLance Founder and CEO Michael A. Brooks is excited about this bold business decision and its significance for both goLancers and goClients. He is already confronted with the questions about goLance’s decision to lower service fees when the competition is constantly raising their fees. This is his answer.

“GoLance has reached a level of stability and security that allows it to pass some of the benefits onto our growing goCommunity. In its essence, our business is primarily a co-op. The global freelance community demands and deserves lower fees. We hear and feel our freelancers. GoLance understands that a freelance process is a two-way street. You have to give not just take,” explains Michael A. Brooks.

GoLance has already positioned itself as a platform with the genuine features, you can’t find on other freelance websites. GoLance CashBack option has been recognized and appreciated by goClients as an unparalleled money-saving option. On the other hand, goLancers are already benefiting from the equally stimulating Payday Advance feature, which allows them to bypass the review period and get their money out whenever they want for a small fee.

Michael A. Brooks is convinced this is only the beginning of the great things to come for goLancers: “We aren’t afraid to defy the tide of current freelance business all the major platforms are promoting and enforcing. We believe that service fees should become cheaper not more expensive. Freelance platforms should be more user-oriented than profit-focused. So many times we have witnessed first-hand the betrayal of the original freelance principles in favor of corporate greed. GoLance will continue to demonstrate its progress and improvements by lowering and not by increasing its service fees.

New freelance service fees, arguably among the lowest ones in the industry, will become effective immediately for goLancers.

About goLance

Launched in June 2015, goLance aims to champion the skills and services of the world’s brightest minds from small companies to large institutions, in order to accelerate the growth and enhance the success of online workers and businesses who hire online workers.

goMission: To make life better for all online workers with a flexible, fair, efficient, and transparent virtual workplace.

goVision: To always add value for our users through continuous innovation in the online work sector and unparalleled user support.

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