Featured goLancer: Martin Pejkov

Martin lives in Europe and has been freelancing for over six years. In that time, he’s accumulated several noteworthy skills. Such as VFX, Animation, and Design. These are powerful skills that shape worlds. Don’t take our word for it, keep reading to learn Martin’s freelancer story.

Featured goLancer: Martin Pejkov

Art…true art speaks to your soul. True art leaves your mind thinking. True art challenges you to do more. To be more. Today we are excited to share a true artist — Martin Pejkov our Freelancer Of The Week.

Martin lives in Europe and has been freelancing for over six years. In that time, he’s accumulated several noteworthy skills. Such as VFX, Animation, and Design. These are powerful skills that shape worlds. Don’t take our word for it, keep reading to learn Martin’s freelancer story.

World Meet Martin – Our Featured goLancer …

INTERVIEWER: What did you want to be as a kid?

MARTIN: Since I can remember I haven’t spent a day without creating something.  I believe in beauty, elegant, gorgeous, smart, intelligent art.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have experience working in an office / 9 to 5 setting what was that like?

MARTIN: I have been a creative director of a video animating production and afterward I was Chief of Design for a publishing company.

INTERVIEWER: Wow, these sound like pretty high up there jobs. Why did you leave?

MARTIN: When I was a Creative Director for United Soft Media, developing animations for casino games I had limited free time and non-stop employment. I left because it was ruining creativity for me. It was 4 years of me stuck in an office without an exhibition or show.

Martin Outside

INTERVIEWER: What was your big break into freelancing?

MARTIN: My first break was for a natural brand cosmetic brand development that included animation, designing, appearance to market and make the brand an influencer. My paycheck was big. It gave me a creativity boost and inspiration to do more freelance work.

INTERVIEWER: Is that what made you think you could earn a full-time living life freelancing?

MARTIN: The opportunities provided by the freedom of freelancing boost the creation process and ensure the best results are delivered. With awesome achievements in every profession, you can earn full-time living.

INTERVIEWER: Would you ever give up freelancing for an office job?

MARTIN: No, never, because freelancing in teams is much more productive and effective than any office team that I have experienced with —  there is no I in freelance teams.

Martin - Working

INTERVIEWER: What has freelancing taught you?

MARTIN: When art becomes part of a planning process, I believe that function of use, appearance and design are enhanced, enchained, supported and linked to each other in all of their aspects.

INTERVIEWER: I have to ask, what’s the worst part about being a freelancer?

MARTIN: Deficit of stable clients.

INTERVIEWER: Any lesson learned from that?

MARTIN: A good percentage of clients are just trying to abuse freelancers, not really develop relationships and only use them when their team fails. They use freelancing as a last hope effort, not as the best option or most reliable. I surprise them every time with the work I deliver, usual on projects I deliver as their team would just in much shorter time.

INTERVIEWER: What’s the best part about freelancing?


Martin With Arrow

INTERVIEWER: If you could go back in time, what’s one piece of advice you wish you could have shared with yourself when you were starting out?

MARTIN: Put watermarks on your work with first-time clients that haven’t paid you yet and build trust on experiences, not on talks.

INTERVIEWER: What advice do you have for freelancers just starting out?

MARTIN: Give your best, show to yourself that you are making a difference.

Martin On PC

Why Did We Pick Martin As The Featured goLancer?

Every now and then you will come across a person who has an energy to them. The type that makes you stop in your tracks and listen. Martin is one of those types of people. He has a passion for his craft that has the ability to excite you to your core. He’s is proof that you can love what you do and get paid for it. For these reasons and more we tip our hats to Martin as our Freelancer Of The Week.

Where Can You Hire Martin?

Drop Martin a line by visiting his profile on goLance.