What Factors Influence an Employer’s Choice of a Freelance Platform?

What Factors Influence an Employer’s Choice of a Freelance Platform?
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Understanding what employers look for in a freelance platform can help freelancers set themselves up for success. Some employers weighed in on what makes or breaks a freelance platform for their company. Keep reading to find out what attracts them.

Kartik Ahuja

Kartik Ahuja

Marketing Manager at .

Algorithms for Matching Skills

We value systems that help businesses find freelancers whose talents match their project needs by using algorithms that compare users' abilities. This tech-driven method expedites the process of choosing freelancers, which saves time and guarantees a better fit for our unique requirements.

Nathan Jacobs

Nathan Jacobs

Senior Researcher at .

Talent Quality

First, talent quality is our North Star. We're all about finding platforms that draw in top-tier freelancers. Quality work is non-negotiable, so a platform's ability to attract skilled professionals is a make-or-break for us.

Next up, user experience is a big deal. We love platforms that are a breeze to use, from finding freelancers to managing projects. And having solid support and a robust dispute resolution system in place? That's icing on the cake, adding trust and reliability to our freelance engagements.

Lastly, cost-effectiveness is always top of mind. We're willing to pay for quality, but we also look for platforms with transparent pricing and flexible payment options. It's about making our project budgets work without any surprises.

Natasha Thompson

Natasha Thompson

Lead Partner Sales and Success Manager at .

Good Communication

For a collaboration to be a success, good communication is key. Platforms with dependable messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration features are what we're after. Improving the project management process as a whole is possible through effective and efficient communication.

Troy Portillo

Troy Portillo

Director of Operations of .

Personal Reviews

For employers that are looking for freelancers to complete work for them, I always go with websites that offer personal reviews. If you can get a personal reference for a freelancer, that's the best way to proceed. If you can't, then use reviews from former clients to base your decision on, especially if you're in need of niche work.

James Gibson

Digital Marketing Manager at .

Ensuring Encryption and Privacy

No matter what, security must be a top priority. Platforms that place a premium on protecting the privacy and integrity of our sensitive data are our top choices. Protecting intellectual property, encrypting data, and establishing safe payment channels are all part of this.

Jessica Chase

Vice President at .

Payment Protection and Escrow Services

Employers and freelancers alike can rest easier when they use escrow services offered by platforms. The funds will be safely stored until the agreed-upon deliverables are fulfilled. Having payment protection elements in place helps make sure that transactions are fair and trustworthy.

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