Six Ways to Make Working From Home a Reality for You

Here are six ways to make working from home a reality for you.

Six Ways to Make Working From Home a Reality for You

It is no news that there has been a paradigm shift from the way we used to work, especially in this post-COVID-19 era. More than ever, lots of people now work from home.

Gone are those days when it was mandatory to be in the office before one could earn a living. It is no news that there are numerous remote jobs nowadays and hiring platforms such as goLance, and others. According to research data from Owl Labs, about 16% of companies around the globe are now fully remote.

This same study discovered that at least 62% of people work remotely occasionally. This means many people now work from the comfort of their homes.

Unfortunately, working from home is quite an adjustment, and not many people find it easy. Being productive while working from home requires a great deal of discipline and dedication.

Are you struggling to work from home effectively? This piece has got you covered.

Here are six ways to make working from home a reality for you:

1. Stick To Time


A significant setback encountered by many in their quest to work from home is the ability to stick to time. If you want to be successful as a remote worker, you must be disciplined enough to follow schedules no matter how difficult it is.

You should have a to-do list you should strictly follow every day. This will make you utilize your time effectively. Using workflow management software can also help you manage your time and tick off tasks as you complete them.

Do not use your work time for relaxation. Also, make sure to take a break when it's time for it. It is crucial to separate your time for your personal life from work. And, when it is time for work, avoid multitasking, as that can be counterproductive.

Make sure you are done with a particular task before moving to another. Maura Thomas, a renowned expert on attention management, argued that while the body can multitask, the brain cannot because it can only focus on one conscious thought at a time.

You can't avoid distraction if you are trying to do many things at a time. Your brain cannot just focus on many things at a time. The best way is to list the tasks you have to carry out and accomplish them one after the other.

2. Set up A Home Office


A good reason why many people find working from home hard is because of how they do it. Working from home does not mean you must lie down on the bed with your laptop. You can hardly be productive in such a setting. Setting up a home office is a great way to work from home effectively.

The office can be an empty bedroom or a corner in your living room. The idea is to just have a working space different from your personal space. This will set you in the mood for work.

Setting up a home office makes working from home a lot easier. It will give you a sense of responsibility and help you focus. Having a home office will also help you set boundaries with other people in the house during your working hours.

Your home office must not necessarily look glamorous as the ones on Pinterest. However, it should be a functional and practical space where you can get the job done.

Also, ensure your desk and chair provide you with a good sitting posture so you can work for as long as you want without developing back pains. Finally, your home office needs to be well organized to keep you motivated.

Remove every trash can, piece of paper, and unnecessary item from your home office. This will not only improve your productivity but will also benefit your mental and physical health.

3. Avoid Small Distractions


Social media can be a huge distraction from effectively working from home. To work productively from home, one needs to minimize the use of social media during working hours.

Logging in to check updates on social media, replying to emails, or chatting with a friend while working from home is unproductivity. As little as any of those activities might seem, you will realize that the little time taken to do them, when added up, is no small amount.

Avoid discussing with others around you too. This is a reason why a secluded spot is necessary when working from home. If you must effectively work from home, try to avoid distractions until you clock out.

4. Reward Yourself


Staying motivated while working from home can be quite challenging. One way to overcome this hurdle is to reward yourself anytime you complete a task or finish a to-do list.

Have something to look forward to when you complete a task. It could be your favorite cup of coffee, a movie, or reading a good book. It might even be as simple as having a little chocolate cake and ice cream.

If you know there's something to enjoy if you finish a to-do list, you'll be motivated to do so as soon as possible. It is basic psychology.

5. Take Breaks.


A tip many people neglect while working from home is to give themselves a break. Yes, you want to increase your productivity, but that shouldn't make you overstretch yourself.

Let’s say you are stressing about how to create a fantastic business PowerPoint presentation. Giving yourself a break is necessary if you want to work from home without breaking down and create something exciting and appealing for your potential clients. The break doesn't have to be for hours. Taking a walk for a few minutes to unwind will give you better ideas for picking the best business Powerpoint template you are stressing about.

Unfortunately, many underestimate the effect of taking a break while working. Taking a break from work for just a few minutes can help avoid burnout, increase productivity, reduce stress and body aches, and improve creativity, among other benefits.
If you want to make working from home a reality for yourself, you should take a break at intervals.

6. Cybersecurity risks


There are many cyber security risks that come with working from home, like having a less secure network and increased vulnerability to phishing scams.

The first risk is that the networks at home are less secure than those at the office. The IT department at a company is usually more vigilant about security when they have physical access to the building and all of the devices within it. The second risk is that employees are more vulnerable to phishing scams when they're working from home because they're often not as vigilant about suspicious emails or attachments coming from unknown sources. So, make sure to get timely feedback from employees regarding their system security. One can use feedback widgets for the same.


Switching to working from home is not easy, and it can be challenging to adjust, especially with the tech learning curve & cybersecurity practices needed working from home. However, with the right tips like the ones shared in this post, you will grow to love them and thrive. Remember to be patient with yourself and go through the process one day at a time.


Andrej Fedek is the creator and the one-person owner of the InterCool Studio. As an experienced marketer, he is driven by turning leads into customers. His goals always include White Hat SEO. Besides being a boss, he is a real team player with a great sense of equality.