Why you should stretch both your creative and logical muscles

You can be just as creative as you are logical and just as logical as you are creative

Why you should stretch both your creative and logical muscles

For a time in our history, being creative and being logical were seen as two separate concepts, opposites on either side of the spectrum. You were either considered a logical or creative person. As time went by, the wording changed and suddenly you were split between being either predominantly logical or creative with some hint of the other. Quizzes like “Find out your predominant brain NOW” populated many webpages and people were interested in finding out which type of brain they had.

This association also began a theory that if you were “left-brained” you were more logical and if you were “right-brained,” you were more creative. As a particular “brained” person, you had very little chance of being great in the opposite aspect. If you were a logical person, it would take years of learning and training to build up your creativity simply to get to the point that a creative person had naturally.

In reality, you are no less capable of using your right-brain abilities if you are a so-called “left-brained” person and vice-versa. Actually, let me disrupt the whole understanding of it. The theory of right-brained and left-brained people is just that a theory. According to Healthline, studies had been conducted and after two years of analyzing and researching, not a single ounce of proof was derived to suggest that people use one side of their brain more than the other.

Honestly, this was the greatest news to me in my late teens and early 20s. As a person who loved creative projects but also enjoyed logical tasks, I hated being considered as only a logical person. It was easy for people to be categorized into a logical mindset because being logical is easy to prove, whereas creativity is not easily measured. I am sure we all know the power of labels. Once labeled, it is hard to break free.

I am glad that this theory has not taken hold of the world as many conspiracies do but there are still those who believe it’s true. And if you are one of those people, let me give you the facts – you can be just as creative as you are logical and just as logical as you are creative.

This is a great realization to have, right?


It means that as a business leader, you are capable of using your creative abilities to apply to your logical everyday tasks to improve them. It means as a freelancer, you are able to rely on yourself and your logical skills to accomplish business-related tasks. Perhaps you have fallen into the trap as I did.

When I was in secondary school, I was told that I was analytical because I loved my science classes, and that I was more of a logical person. I was impressionable and began to focus on what I was told were my strengths. I forced myself to stick with science classes and logical projects. But my passions were bursting and eventually I could not contain the need to explore my “right-brained” needs. This leads me to my next point.

Yes, we are capable of using our creative abilities as much as our logical ones but a great way to understand these capabilities is to see them as a muscle. Without exercise, the muscle becomes weak and difficult to use. With exercise and practice, the muscle grows and you are able to use it as and when it is needed.

After spending those few years stifling my creativity, I jumped back into it. I felt foreign and unsure, sometimes downright stupid. In fact, I could easily equate the experience to the first time I entered a gym and stared at all of the machines not having a single clue what I was going to be doing or how! It felt as if everyone in the gym knew that I was clueless. It felt the same way when I had to jump on stage and improvise. I almost walked away numerous times!

But by being persistent and not giving up, I learned how to use the machines and build my muscles. I built a healthier body. When I jumped onto the stage and with help and training, improvising came a bit more naturally to me. I built a healthier mind! Going from a person that everyone labeled as logical and going to be a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, I am now a creative content manager, actress, and writer. I incorporate both of my logical and creative abilities to live the life I want to.

What is beautiful about this story is not about how creativity has come to beat the logical side. It’s about how both have come together to improve my life. You see, as I practiced my creative muscles, I kept the logical muscle working too. They both have met and reached a point where they are in equal use.


I am now able to apply creativity in my work for endless tasks but also ground them in logic. I can adapt and use logic for tasks if that is required or be more creative. I have not limited myself and my skills by remaining stuck in those labels. I would highly recommend that you do the same.

You may be a person at the head of a company and have applied logic in every direction you have faced. You may think that you are far from being a creative person, but if you look close enough, you will see the hints of creativity you’ve had to apply. Creativity is not just painting a masterpiece or writing a fantasy piece. It’s weaving the most innate feelings, thoughts, and ideas into every little thing we do. Begin to notice the smallest aspect of creativity in your life and you can start building on that!

Just like I was, you may have to exercise your creative muscle, and surprisingly, it is not as difficult as it might seem. All it takes is the will to start and endurance. But let me tell you, by being more creative as a business leader, you will be able to solve problems in unique ways. This, in turn, will lead to innovation and transformation.

The same concept applies to freelancers! You may be a person thinking that you cannot see and understand numbers the same way mathematicians can. Guess what? You don’t need to because that’s not all of it. You have had to manage yourself and your work. These are logical steps that have been taken! Building on these skills will help you along your journey. Managing yourself will become easier, most likely save you money down the line and bring in new work.

The benefit of accepting both creativity and logic as your own innate ability far surpasses the individual benefit received by only exercising one. Also remember that with muscles, they are always needing that exercise to remain strong. Keep on practicing both of your creative and logical muscles to reap the benefits!