Why Doesn't goLance Spend More Money On Marketing?

Why Doesn't goLance Spend More Money On Marketing?

Are you familiar with the concept of Guerrilla Marketing?

No worries. I'm not going to turn this blog post into a boring and lengthy lecture - Marketing 101. Instead, let's make our story short, shall we?

Guerrilla Marketing = Limited Budget + Unlimited Creativity

Now, here's the problem. We all know that marketing is everything! Your business is as good and successful as your marketing. The more (marketing) - the better (business). As simple as that.

What are you supposed to do when you can't afford to spend as much as you want and need on marketing? Well, you become a guerrilla marketer. Meaning, you work with what you got.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized that one freelance platform has managed to get this far with shockingly small investments in marketing. This is a story about goLance - a synonym for guerrilla marketing in the freelance industry.

GoLance Is All About 100% Organic Marketing

There are no paid ads that include the keyword - goLance. Yet, this relatively new freelance platform manages not only to survive, but also to ensure stable growth.

Forget all that you have ever learned or known about the way freelance platforms operate. GoLance defies the very logic the freelance industry is built on. To build your freelance business entirely on word-of-mouth is a questionable strategy, to say the least.

All major freelance platforms are spending a fortune on marketing. That's something you accept and understand. So, why doesn't goLance go with the marketing tide?

It's Easy To Play, But Who's Going To Pay?

With so many burning questions, I simply had no choice than to reach out to the founder and CEO of goLance Michael Brooks for a clarification:

The easiest thing to do is to pour money into marketing. The question is, though, who's going to pay for it, eventually? Our platform has had a no-cost-to-clients policy from day one. We have no intention of changing that. Also, we're constantly reducing our freelance service fees. We used to have a flat 10% fee, which is now dropped to 7.95%. We're not going to stop there. We plan to reduce our fees even further.

Our top investment priorities are improved functionality, design, and new features on our platform. We don't want to make our users pay, so we can spend more on marketing. That's why there are no membership or payment processing fees on goLance. Let's not forget that as a freelancer you are free to bid as many times as you want at no extra charge. Plain and simple, we don't want for our users to pay, so we can run expensive marketing campaigns and show off with countless ads. When we are ready to spend much more on marketing, we will make sure our users aren't affected.

I have to admit that Michael Brooks nailed it with his vision of goLance marketing strategy.

So, my dear fellow freelancers, the next time you admire a great ad about your favorite freelance platform or you realize Google is flooded with paid ads, make sure you enjoy it - because you paid for it with your service, membership, and payment processing fees.

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