Why Do Clients Hesitate To Give Work To New Freelancers?

Just because you are new, it doesn’t mean that you lack quality.

Why Do Clients Hesitate To Give Work To New Freelancers?

I hear you!

It’s not easy to become a freelancer. It has never been easy, but nowadays, with the millions of freelancers working online, it has become a mission impossible for a newbie freelancer to break through.

What Can A New Freelancer Do About It?

I have noticed that the majority of new freelancers want to make their first freelance steps on the biggest and most popular platforms. There’s nothing wrong with a presumption that you stand the best chances of succeeding on the biggest freelance websites. The trouble, though, is that the math works against you.

This is also the very same reason why relatively small and new freelance platforms, such as goLance, don’t get a fair chance. So, I can ask you and all your new freelance colleagues and friends this important question:

If you don't want to give a fair chance to a new freelance website, then how can you expect that a client should do the same for a new freelancer?

The Size Just Couldn't Matter Less in Freelancing

There are no rules! There are no guarantees!

I’m just saying that you can spend so much time on some gigantic freelance website waiting to be noticed, recognized, and eventually rewarded with the trust you certainly deserve. Or, you can decide to work, grow, and develop step-by-step and shoulder-to-shoulder with goLance.

Yes, it’s going to take some time for you to win your first project, but rest assured that you won’t have to wait as long as you would have to wait on some of the biggest platforms for freelancers. I’m a fair player and I believe in fair play. That’s why I’m suggesting this to you and any other new freelancer out there who’s looking for a way to make it.

It's Always Fair To Compare

Choose one big and extremely popular freelance website to begin with. Then, choose another smaller, but promising platform. Give them both a fair chance. See how it works for you. It’s fair to compare.

Don’t treat this new freelance website, the same way the clients are treating you right now - with prejudices. Just because you are new, it doesn’t mean that you lack quality. Just because a freelance website, such as goLance, is new, it doesn’t mean it won’t match your expectations and make your freelance dreams come true.

Change your attitude and see what happens.