Why Are You Still Working From 9 to 5?

Why Are You Still Working From 9 to 5?

The bitter truth is that the modern or gig economy or call it what you want has done a good job in a bad way of eliminating the differences between the “traditional” and freelance working positions that once mattered. What do I want to say?

Working in an office has become so similar to working as a freelancer that actually people don’t have much of a choice. The insecurity in terms of employment and finding clients is overwhelming.

To make a choice between a job in an office and a freelance career has become a choice between the lesser of two evils rather than a choice of a better option. Whether you work in an office or as a freelancer, you don’t have any guarantees.

Before I launched a new freelance platform goLance, I used to work in more than one office and later as a freelancer on all available freelance websites. I’m not saying that I’ve seen and done it all, but sure thing I’ve faced this dilemma first-hand more than once.

Make no mistake about my points.

The First Scenario

The people working from 9-to-5. Push them a little bit further. Make them worry about the future of their work just a bit more and see what happens. They will become freelancers in a blink of an eye.

The Second Scenario

The freelancers who just had more than enough of insecurity, but refuse to go back in an office. Let them know that the situation has improved. Give them new contracts that strongly guarantee a secure job for a considerably longer period of time. See what happens. They’re back in an office before you know it.

My final point is, it’s not all black and white in the freelance world. Above all it’s not glamorous and absolutely free. There’s a fine line between a 9-to-5 office job and a freelance career. Sometimes, one tiny detail can change someone’s mind in a matter of seconds.

Think about it. The last thing I wanted to do is to tell you one more of those freelance fairy tales. I sure hope you will appreciate this honest answer.

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