Where The GOod Clients and Freelancers GrOw

Where The GOod Clients and Freelancers GrOw

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you run a freelance website? Not just work as a freelancer or hire freelancers, but actually, manage the whole thing from A to Z. Why would you bother to even think about it? Why should you care?


It's not easy being a freelance website. You are in the middle of the most conflicting interests you can possibly imagine. The clients who want to be treated as royalty while expecting to find superstar freelancers for a fraction of a fraction of the price. The freelancers who want everything while paying nothing. The swarms of online fraudsters who don't have a pause button. The competition with unlimited resources and limited respect. It's the online hell.

Does it mean we should feel sorry for the freelance websites? Should we pay them fees because we feel for them? They care only for themselves. Just like any other business or brand out there. Well, that's not entirely true. Both clients and freelancers should at least appreciate the trouble their favorite online working place has to go through, every now and then. Why?

Are You Here For The Money Or Something Else?

In theory, a freelance website is supposed to be a perfect money-making machine. You create an online playing field. You set up the rules. Then, you sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of money falling from trees. That was the theory, now let's see what's happening in the real freelancing life. Freelancing is an extremely expensive and risky sport. You have to invest and work like crazy for the number of years before you see the first results.

There's some poetic justice for all freelance race runners. The clients who are always looking for the cheapest price will never be satisfied. The freelancers who are waiting for the client charming will always be disappointed. The freelance website who cares only about the money will never have it enough.

Don't believe freelance websites who want to change the world. Protect your pockets. Don't follow the freelance herd. Don't kneel and bow before the self-proclaimed masters of the freelance universe. Ask yourself, what would it take for you to launch a new freelance website? What would you have done differently?

After Disappointment Comes the Enlightenment

If you don't like something there's no need to waste your time in trying to change it. Come up with something new instead. If you are a disappointed client or disillusioned freelancer launch a new freelance website. Or, support one that's trying to do the things differently.

What goes up must come down.

If your freelance platform engines combust only the fees, you will eventually run out of fuel. The rockets propelled by ideas can travel indefinitely.

What GOes around comes around.

Money doesn't grow on trees, you busy little freelance bees. But, you can get a life-changing idea if you sit long enough under the right tree.

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