What's Your Freelance Metamorphosis Phase?

Every single freelancer has to go through a handful of metamorphosis phases.

What's Your Freelance Metamorphosis Phase?

Every single freelancer has to go through a handful of metamorphosis phases.

Some freelancers go through all of these phases sooner or later, this way or another. Some of them get stuck somewhere along the way in one of the metamorphosis phases.

Before you eventually become a beautiful freelance butterfly, you have to deal with your own metamorphosis. The catch is to avoid spending your entire freelancer's career in one of these phases.

The First Phase - I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

During this phase you're just like a kid, who has discovered a new toy or a game for the very first time. You're so enthusiastic and optimistic about the whole freelancing thing. This is a very intense phase that doesn't last very long. The freelancers who fail to go through this initial freelance phase are the ones to give up on freelancing. For what is worth, it's not uncommon for many freelancers to repeat this phase more than once.

The Second Phase - I love you no more

At one point, you eventually become tired of the constant excitement with no results, and your love turns into hate. You hate freelancing with all your guts. Freelancers in this phase tend to be bitter critics, who attack every single breath of fresh freelance enthusiastic air. Some freelancers even become helpless conspiracy fans. The whole freelance thing is just one big scam for them. It's also possible to get trapped between these strong emotions of love and hate. You just keep moving back and forth.

The Third Phase - Rationalization

If you can manage to go through both phases of being extremely thrilled and then disappointed, you can find yourself in the rationalization zone. This is the moment when is to be decided whether or not you're going to be a freelancer for real. You're facing the freelance phenomenon as it is. You are either accepting or rejecting it as such. You also begin to realize that you can actually achieve all of your freelance goals, but not so easy as you used to hope at the beginning of your freelance journey.

The Fourth Phase - The Pro Freelancer Phase

If you have gone through the rationalization phase, you can expect to see that freelancing is working for you. You're working in the virtual world, but the money is real. Freelancing is no longer an experiment, but a real-life option. Furthermore, during this phase, freelancing may become your new way of life.

The Fifth Phase - The Freelance Guru Phase

When you reach this stage, it means that you're ready to share your experience and know-how with other freelancers. This is the most profitable phase of your freelance metamorphosis. Now, here's the unavoidable million dollar question. How many freelancers actually make it and reach this level of success? Well, if you're asking yourself this question, it means that you're still stuck in some of the early stages of your freelance metamorphosis. So, don't waste your time on pointless statistics how many freelancers succeed or fail, but rather run your own freelance race.

The Bonus Phase - goLancing

Once you get through all of these phases. Once you try all the freelance platforms available. You will ask yourself, is this all freelancing is and all I can expect to get from it? Well, that would be the right moment for you to try goLance. You can be surprised just as I'm right now.

So, what's your current freelance metamorphosis phase? And, more importantly, how long are you planning to stay there?