What Is The Future of Freelancing?

What Is The Future of Freelancing?

Every day the number of freelancers is constantly increasing. Some freelance websites already have tens of millions of users. Other platforms have become extremely restrictive in accepting new freelancers. Has the freelance world become overcrowded already? Are there enough projects for all those freelancers? Where are we going to find all those clients to keep the freelance machinery running?

One Day We Will All Be Freelancers, But Who's Going To Hire All Those Freelancers?

It seems that freelancing is a fruitful ground for all kinds of paradoxes. We have so many freelancers, but we don't have enough freelance websites. I understand that running an online working place is an expensive sport. If you are happy with the current offer of platforms to work on, then you are a newbie freelancer. You will have plenty of time to be disappointed.

There are so many freelancers waiting in a line to get a job. However, I witnessed first-hand that some clients just couldn't find the right freelancers for their projects. Not because they were too picky, but rather because those projects required a very specific set of skills.

Freelancing can be the land of wonders. Not necessarily good ones.

Just Because It's Crowded, It Doesn't Mean The Best Seats Are Occupied

All eyes are on the mega-size platforms. That’s understandable. They are the biggest players in the freelance industry. However, I strongly believe that the future of freelancing isn’t necessarily limited to just one website.

Just like new freelancers deserve a chance, the new freelance websites deserve it too. This is the reason I’m working on goLance right now. I believe that the future of freelancing is in smaller independent platforms, rather than mega-size corporate platforms.

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