Where To Work As A Freelancer in 2019?

Where To Work As A Freelancer in 2019?

What are the most important things to look out for when deciding where to freelance in 2019?

There’s actually more than one thing to look out for when beginning your freelance journey.

The first question you have to ask yourself is, where am I going to work? Which freelance platform is the most suitable for me?

Now, you may say, how can you answer a question by asking new questions? Well, in this case, it isn’t only possible, but it also recommended.

I sure hope that these questions you have to ask yourself will help you determine which freelance website will be your perfect match 2019:

  • Do you have to pay to play? Meaning, do you have to pay for additional bids, if you want to bid more and increase your chances after you spend the initial limited number of bids per month? The next thing to be careful about. Do you have to pay a membership fee? Plain and simple, on goLance there are no membership fees and you can bid without any limitations.

  • How much do you have to pay for the fees? This is a huge deal for any freelancer. For example, some freelance platforms have the flat service fees. Then, you have freelance websites where your earnings determine how much you're going to pay for the fees. Eventually, it's not all the same whether you have to pay a fee as soon as a client awards you a project or when you get paid. On goLance, you pay a flat 7.95% fee only when you get paid.

  • Can you still make it as a newbie freelancer? The biggest websites in the freelance industry have become a true mission impossible for newbie freelancers. Even if you make it through the extremely rigorous verification process, you will have to deal with the overwhelming competition. You're facing the competitors who are willing to accept projects for the extremely low client’s budgets. On the other hand, goLance has fewer projects compared with these mega-size platforms. However, a new freelancer stands the better chances of success and building up his or her portfolio and reputation on a smaller than a gigantic platform.

  • When you are going to get paid? When you are working on hourly projects you have to wait for at least two weeks to get paid. For example, you submit your work this week. Then, you have to wait for the second week for your client to review your work. Then, somewhere during the third week you get paid. This is the case on almost all freelance platforms, give it or take a few days. On goLance, you can get paid the very next week you submit your work. Thanks to Payday Advance, you don’t have to wait for the review period.

I believe that’s important to accept that there are no ideal freelance websites. However, there are many details that can make a difference whether or not you are going to make it or fail.

So, think twice where you're going to invest your time and energy as a freelancer in 2019.

Happy New Freelance Year!

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