The Updated goMeter

The Updated goMeter

The goMeter is the lifeline of every freelancer on goLance. With it's ability to track and log hours worked, it is the most important tool that any goLancer has access to.

It must be used in order to receive pay for hourly services rendered. With that being said, the goMeter has slowly created a following of complaints for various reasons.

The Issues with the goMeter

You spoke up, and goLance heard your concerns. The development team at goLance has gone through the goMeter and has updated it.

Here Are the Key Issues goLance Fixed

Freezing/Lagging While Opening/Loading the Program

  • The goMeter would intermittently lag computers to the point of becoming inoperable, and sometimes to the point of freezing, causing the user to restart the computer.
  • Upon launching, the goMeter would never successfully load causing the user to repeatedly restart the program.
  • Sometimes the goMeter would take an unnecessary amount of time to load when opened.

Freezing/Lagging the Computer While Running

  • The goMeter was reported to use up to 50% of the CPU's processing abilities, and sometimes as much as 45% of the available RAM.
  • The usage of these resources caused extended lag times, making the mouse inoperable for periods of up to 15 seconds.

Freezing/Lagging While Starting or Stopping

  • Sometimes the goMeter would be processing the request to "Start" for an extended period of time of about 15 to 20 minutes. If the goLancer only worked for 10 minutes, the time would not be properly accounted for, and the time would have been unpaid.
  • The goMeter would lag when "Stop" was clicked, and would take a couple minutes to eventually stop tracking time.

Freezing/Lagging While Taking Screenshots

  • The goMeter would sometimes take random screenshots.
  • Sometimes the goMeter would freeze or lag the computer while attempting to take screenshots.

Updating Information to the Work Diary

  • The goMeter would not update the time accounted for to the goLance user dashboard/work diary immediately.
  • This was alarming, because it made goLancers feel that their work was unaccounted for. Eventually it would update the total time tracked, but usually after a couple of hours.

What This Means Moving Forward

You should have no more issues while using the goMeter. It has been debugged, updated, and optimized so you will have a pleasant experience while working. There are no additional steps that goLancers have to take concerning the goMeter. As long as you have it downloaded and installed, you will be able to work. There are no updates which need to be downloaded, nor is there anything for you to do. Simply enjoy the goMeter as you work on your contracts.

Specifically, the goMeter now has:

  • More efficient CPU and memory usage.
  • An updated framework.
  • Improved "active windows" name tracking.
  • Increased software startup time.
  • Faster screenshot processing.



  1. Do I have to re-download or install the goMeter?

No, the goMeter will work properly on your computer. If you are inclined to do so, you may un-install the program and reinstall it, but no further action is required.

  1. Is there anything that I have to do with my current goMeter?

No. Your goMeter should be working flawlessly. Ensure that the screenshots taken are updated to the work diary, and that the time tracked is added to your total time worked, and that it is updated to the user dashboard.
Make sure that your dashboard and goMeter reflect the same numbers. In red, the "TOTAL LOGGED" must match "Time Worked This Week" and in yellow, the hours tracked for the day should match "Time Worked Today."

As your current log tracks more time, both the daily and weekly totals should be updated (in 10 minute increments).

  1. Will I get paid for my work on the old goMeter?

Yes. As long as all of your time was properly tracked, you will receive pay for the work that you have provided.

  1. How can I get paid for time untracked?

Untracked time is known as "manual time." If you used your goMeter, and it malfunctioned, then you will need to talk to your client about adding manual time to your contract. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goMeter is functioning properly. If you notice that it is not tracking time properly, stop working immediately and contact the goLance support team.

  1. Does this affect manual time?

There are no effects to manual time, since it is entered outside of the goMeter.

  1. Where do I download the goMeter?

You can download the goMeter here.

  1. How do I use the goMeter?

Our blog post on using the goMeter is here.
Our YouTube video (embedded into the blog) is here.

  1. What operating systems does the goMeter require?

The goMeter requires Windows 32 or 64 bit, Linux 32 or 64 bit, or Apple OS X 64 bit.

If you are still having issues with your goMeter, you can send an e-mail to

Thank you for working with us.

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