The Scaling Edge: A Deep Dive into LinkedIn Marketing with Andrew, the Business Growth Consultant

A Deep Dive into LinkedIn Marketing with Andrew

Hello everyone, I'm Michael Brooks, your host for “The Scaling Edge” podcast. In our latest episode, I had the pleasure of introducing Andrew, a seasoned business consultant with 15 years of marketing experience. We had an insightful discussion about his journey into business growth consulting and his unique approach to LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Andrew's Journey into Business Growth Consulting

Andrew's journey into business growth consulting is a testament to resilience and adaptability. After losing his job in December, he took a leap of faith and started sharing his knowledge about business growth strategies on LinkedIn. His posts gained traction, and before he knew it, he was attracting clients who needed his expertise.

LinkedIn Marketing: A Focus on Content Distribution and Personal Branding

Andrew's approach to marketing is refreshingly different. While acknowledging the potential of paid media, he emphasizes that it requires a substantial budget to scale effectively. Instead, Andrew focuses on content distribution and personal branding on LinkedIn.

He offers a unique LinkedIn employee program where he assists companies in optimizing their profiles, creating engaging content, and generating leads. The effectiveness of LinkedIn marketing, according to Andrew, is not just about buying ads. It's about optimizing profiles, engaging with others on the platform, and tailoring strategies based on the company's familiarity with LinkedIn.

Success Stories: Doubling Followers and Generating Leads

Andrew's strategies have proven successful time and again. He shared a success story about a CEO who saw increased engagement, followers, and profile visits after implementing his strategies. Remarkably, he has also managed to double followers within six months for some clients.

The Art of Posting and Commenting on LinkedIn

Andrew's approach to LinkedIn extends beyond just posting. He recommends posting at least three times per week and encourages clients to do the same. He also suggests spending 30 minutes per day, three days per week, engaging with specific individuals on LinkedIn. This systemized approach, coupled with clear guidelines for assistants, ensures effective engagement on the platform.

Beyond LinkedIn: The Power of Cold Email Marketing

When I asked Andrew if LinkedIn was his primary focus for marketing, he revealed that he also utilizes email marketing, specifically cold email. He uses cold email not just for selling, but also for distributing timely and trendy micro content to targeted audiences. He leverages tools like Sales Loft Outreach and Apollo to automate the process.

Crafting a Good Cold Email: It's All About Value-Add Content

Andrew spends a significant amount of time crafting a good cold email. Once the target audience is identified and the strategy is in place, most of the process can be automated using the mentioned tools. However, he emphasizes that the key is to provide value-add content in the emails, rather than immediately pushing for a sale.

In conclusion, our conversation with Andrew was a treasure trove of insights into LinkedIn marketing and beyond. His unique approach to business growth consulting and his focus on content distribution and personal branding on LinkedIn offer valuable lessons for businesses looking to scale.