The Power of Leverage: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Mindset Transformation

Hello, I'm Spencer, the CEO of Solvd. Cloud and  I recently had the pleasure of joining Michael Brooks and Max on "The Scaling Edge" podcast, where we had a riveting conversation about entrepreneurship, the concept of leverage in business and life, and the transformative power of storytelling and self-reflection. I'm excited to share with you the insights and personal experiences from that discussion in this blog post. Listen to full episode:  "Here"

From Military Roots to Entrepreneurial Wings

My journey into entrepreneurship was significantly shaped by my upbringing in a military family. A pivotal moment in my life was being in the Philippines during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The chaos and the need for emergency preparedness instilled in me by my parents, especially my father's conservative approach to career decisions, left a lasting impression. Despite his initial traditional career path, my father's eventual transition to entrepreneurship deeply inspired me. It taught me that seeking stability doesn't necessarily mean avoiding risks; instead, it can be found in creating value and seizing opportunities.

Embracing the Fear of Untapped Potential

During the podcast, Michael, Max, and I delved into the challenges my family faced during the eruption and the dynamics of growing up with five older siblings. These experiences taught me invaluable lessons, one of which is the importance of fearing untapped potential more than fearing failure. This realization was crucial when I decided to transition from a stable career to starting my own business. It required a significant mindset shift, one that embraced the concept of leverage—multiplying output with less effort by asking the right questions to achieve desired results.

Developing a High Leverage Mindset

We also discussed the development of a high leverage mindset and the inherent challenges in changing one's mindset. I emphasized the need for self-reflection and storytelling as powerful tools for mindset shifts. Storytelling, in particular, can create a trance-like state that allows individuals to disassociate from the need to be right or wrong and to consider new ideas openly.

Storytelling: The Catalyst for Change

On my podcast, "Lessons in Leverage," I aim to expose listeners to stories of entrepreneurs and successful individuals who have transitioned from lower leverage mindsets to higher leverage ones. I believe that storytelling can inspire self-reflection and help individuals consider new ideas at the right time for them. It's about catching people when they are facing challenges and providing them with relatable stories that can unlock their next step towards personal growth and development.

A Tale of Transformation: Outpost X

When asked by Michael to share an example of someone who has had a significant impact on their business or life by engaging with me, I recounted my experience with the founder of Outpost X, an otherworldly hotel stay in southern Utah. The founder was on the brink of giving up, but through coaching and mentorship, I helped him challenge his limiting beliefs and overcome self-doubt. This process of self-reflection and narrative reevaluation allowed him to unlock his potential and achieve success.

Connect and Grow with "Lessons in Leverage"

For those interested in learning more about leveraging mindset changes for business and life success, you can listen to my podcast, "Lessons in Leverage," available on our website If you're seeking assistance with technology solutions like Salesforce and generative AI for your business, my team at Solve Cloud is ready to support you. Reach out to us at, and let's embark on a journey towards success together.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Michael, Max, and the entire team at "The Scaling Edge" for the opportunity to share my story and insights. It's conversations like these that remind us of the power of connection, storytelling, and the continuous pursuit of growth. Here's to leveraging our experiences and transforming our mindsets for a brighter future.