The Guide to Hire Web Programmers Successfully: Stages, Process, and Hints

The building of high-quality and smoothly-operating web solutions is a widely made choice of many businesses striving for expansion.

The Guide to Hire Web Programmers Successfully: Stages, Process, and Hints

Web Programmers Employment: Gradual Strategy and Best Resources

The building of high-quality and smoothly-operating web solutions is a widely made choice of many businesses striving for expansion. However, driven by the idea of business scaling, each enterprise seeks to establish partnerships with truly experienced web experts to get a top-class platform within the cooperation. Our article will deliver some recommendations and disclose the employment process in more detail.

The Value of Web Programmers

Why are websites, and therefore engineers who know how to develop web products, in demand and valuable to businesses? Web platforms make it possible to reach a maximum audience through browser access without taking into account the device, operating system, and many other nuances that are mandatory for applications.
Recent insights indicate that the number of Internet users equals 4.88 billion. Apart from this, there are approximately 1.88 billion web resources designed for this vast audience.


The modern market of tech services is full of decent offers. This is conditioned by the number of web engineers. To illustrate, two years ago, there were 178,900 specialists in this sector, and is projected to amount to 205,000 by 2030.


Web Programmers Employment: Fundamentals

Prior to the recruitment process, it is worth considering the integral notions of each existing specialization within the website architecture. There are the following experts:

Frontend programmer- is responsible for making the page look good on different devices and implementing animations and other visual effects. It is essential that the page is comfortable to use and that everything works without delay. This web engineer is capable of building a landing web page or a web application that works with an existing data source.


The number of technologies the specialists handle grows parallel with their expertise. To illustrate, frontend engineers should have solid competence in LAMP and MEAN tech tools. They are listed in the image below:


The backend developer- is the one who deals with the software and administrative part of the web application, the internal content of the system, the server technologies - the database, the architecture, and the program logic. Traditionally, backend experts operate their own solutions. Yet, in case this assignment is entrusted to a standalone tech member- DevOps, then the professional that deals with backend is able to focus on writing the script itself.

Fullstack-developer is a person who takes responsibility for all phases of web service development. He takes part in the creation of the visual part of the website, as well as in the implementation of the server part. Such an expert does not have to have an in-depth knowledge of all the technologies, but he must be able to work with them and understand the basics of full-stack-development. This versatile programmer can develop a web product, from the client part to the software, from scratch.

The Strategy to Follow for a Successful Web Programmer Recruitment

The following stages denote the correct strategy to employ web programmers and not fail:

  1. Deliver a comprehensive concept of your project and its scale. Determine whether the web platform is of a plain, moderate, or high level of complexity.

  2. Outline which responsibilities are required to be fulfilled and which competence may satisfy them. Analyze the tech tools that comply with the web solution demands and set the according objectives for the potential employees.

  3. Pick the most relevant partnership model. The most common are the project-based, dedicated members, and employee outstaffing options.

  4. Sign the non-disclosure agreement to maximize the privacy and security of your idea and eliminate the possibility of your concept being stolen.

Most Popular Cooperation Models for Web Development Professionals Recruiting

Depending on what cooperation conditions you opt for, you should begin your search for a competent web engineer with the resources mentioned below.

Freelancing web platforms

This option is great for plain projects or one-time tasks (put it into practice, some minor fixes). However, web architecture is a pretty complex service requiring certified expertise and establishing long-term relationships. In case you need short-term service or simple modifications within the existing web platform, you may benefit from the freelancers’ services. Yet, sophisticated and large-scale web products require another partnership model.

Creating the in-house team:

It implies employing the utter team in one physical office. This limits your range of options to those who are ready to move or experts located nearby. In addition, all of the costs associated with the working environment facilitating and maintenance are on your shoulders, making this variant the most expensive one. Besides, you must regularly pay salaries regardless of the executed work scope, purchase essential software and hardware, create a budget to provide various perks, and cover sick leaves.

Outsourcing tech vendors:

The immense pool of web architecture talents, excellent value for money, adequate service pricing, flawless performance, and many other values make outsourcing the best variant of all mentioned for the current moment.


With it, all of the project completion responsibilities are taken over by a team of already gathered professionals. Remote cooperation expands the choice opportunities making them global. To outsource web development, you may should only deliver your idea to the team and consult on the further workflow.

Gradual Employment: Tips and Hints

Below we’ve mentioned the checklist to follow to pick the great web architecture services provider and not to fail:

  1. Dive deeper into the feedback left by previous customers (use reliable platforms that verify the rates and reviews attentively and scrupulously)
  2. Find portfolio and GitHub of the potential candidates to see how high the level of their competence is
  3. Conduct a quick meeting to assess whether your mindsets, objectives, and communication seem compatible
  4. Verify the technical knowledge as well as personal characteristics of your potential web engineers.

Web Architects Hourly Wages by Regions

The main cost-determining factors for web programmer hiring are as follows:

  • The picked solution stack
  • Competence solidity
  • Region and placement

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we can observe the following rates per hour of work:

  • North and Central Europe: 35-100
  • Western Europe: 50-200
  • South America: 35-70
  • Asia: 25-40

Wrapping Up

Finding the right web development specialist according to each essential aspect is not easy. However, with this guide, accompanied by reliable recruiting resources, you have every chance of making the hiring process fast, efficient, and successful.