The Gig Economy vs. Freelance

Has the time come for the gig economy and freelance to part ways? Is this really necessary?

The Gig Economy vs. Freelance

Has the time come for the gig economy and freelance to part ways? Is this really necessary?

No More Romance, Time For A Distance

Not so long ago, no one really cared about the semantics. What’s the big deal about it? The gig economy or freelance, that’s all the same. A freelancer or a gigster, does it really matter? Well, it seems it does.

We used to have high hopes about the gig economy. We have praised it to the skies. The future of work. The future is now, dear gigsters. The gig economy is going to solve all of our problems. What happened?

One by one, little by little, the critics started pointing out that something is rotten in the state of gigs. People began to ask questions. Before you know it, the gig economy has become a synonym for “the race to the bottom” and “cutthroat pricing.

The Gig Economy Is Bringing Freelance Down With It

Is it too much to say that the gig economy’s good name is damaged beyond repair? The gig economy and freelance have always been the two sides of the same coin. They’re in the same boat too. The trouble is that boat is sinking now. So, every freelancer and gigster for himself. Right?

Freelancing is first and foremost about the freedom. The price still doesn’t come first, but rather second in the freelance industry. At least this is something we want to believe in. Even more importantly, the freelancers themselves prefer the long-term and continuous projects over the one-time “freelance gigs.”

You Are Either A Freelancer OR A Gigster, You CAN’T Be Both

If you’re freelancing long enough then you’ve certainly realized first-hand that on the “traditional” freelance websites, such as goLance, you can try and eventually succeed in selling your gigs. However, on the platforms that “specialize” in gigs business, it’s not very likely you will build a long-term relationship with your buyer. Yes, you can keep selling your gigs, but that’s not the same. You’re selling your “products” rather than your “services.”

It seems that “freelancers are sick of being called gig workers.” The notorious “race to the bottom” is no longer fun as it used to be. Why? Obviously, when you are getting close to the rock bottom with your prices, you ask yourself, how and where this race to the bottom is going to end? But, we all already know the answer, don’t we?

Race To The Top Does Sound Much Better, Doesn’t It?

The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs refuse to play the “game” or make a new one if there’s no profit. Why should be any different for freelancers? You want to grow, develop, and learn. You also want to be rewarded properly. That’s supposed to be a natural business instinct.

The gig industry took the wrong turn, and freelance shouldn’t follow. Otherwise, there won’t be too many valuable and useful gigs left behind. We will go through the leftovers of something that used to be a promise of the great future for all of us.

In order to save the gig economy, freelance has to save itself, first.