The Butterfly Effect in Freelancing

We are all connected in the freelance industry. We are all influencing each other more than you can possibly imagine.

The Butterfly Effect in Freelancing

"It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world."

-Chaos Theory

Just in case, you still haven't seen the movie, here's the butterfly effect version for freelancers.

We are all connected in the freelance industry. We are all influencing each other more than you can possibly imagine.

That's why if you want to get the most out of freelancing as a client or a freelancer, you have to be fully aware of the other party's situation. Meaning, the clients should know how much their freelancers' fees are. Also, the freelancers should take into consideration the fees their clients have to pay.

Wait! I'm A Client, Why Should I Care About My Freelancer's Fees?

As a client, you care only about the "final price" you get from your freelancer. You think that there's simply no need to worry about service fees your freelancer has to pay. The truth is that you'll have to pay them for your freelancer, this way or another.

So, when a freelance platform increases its fees, the pressure is on both the clients and the freelancers. Your freelancer may be willing to take-one-for-the-team and rather decrease than increase his final price. It is understandable why a freelancer does it. He doesn't want to lose you as a client. In a different scenario, your freelancer may not be thrilled by the amount he has to pay to a freelance platform you're both working on, so the ball is in your court. You will have to pay more if you want to continue working with your freelancer.

What's happening with a freelance platform that flapped its wings and triggered the butterfly effect all over the industry with the service fees increase? Well, your favorite freelance website enjoys the luxury and safety of the cliche excuses. For example, the service costs are constantly rising and we have to adapt. We want to provide the better user's experience to our clients and freelancers, yada yada.

If Only The Freelance Platform Weren't So Greedy

So, try walking in your freelancer's shoes, my dear client, every now and then. The amount you initially pay to your freelancer isn't the amount he eventually gets at his disposal. There's a long line of "beneficiaries" who are waiting to get their cut. The providers of all kinds of freelance and financial services.

The same applies to freelancers. They should get their heads out fo the sand for a change, every once in a while. Maybe your client wants to pay you more, but he also has to take care of his own fees. It is understandable that you're interested only in the amount you eventually get as a freelancer. However, it would be nice to accept that this isn't the whole amount your client has to pay to get your work.

The Freelance Service Fees Increase by Default, Or Do They?

When was the last time you have witnessed that a freelance platform decided to decrease rather than increase its service fees? I don't know about you, but I've seen it just once in eight years.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that goLance is the extremely rare exception to the rule that the freelance service fees go up by default.

You want to label my opinion as biased. I have no problem with it. Just don't forget that this platform is absolutely free for clients, the so-called "processing fees" included. Furthermore, your goLance clients get a percentage of their money back thanks to a CashBack option. Who will get this money eventually? That's supposed to be obvious - the freelancers. If you were a client would you rather take this extra money, you get through CashBack, or spend it on new projects with your freelancers?

The Things Can Still Be Done Differently, So Everyone Can Work Happily

When you have to pay a flat 7.95% service fee as a freelancer on goLance, you stand a better chance of winning new clients because you can charge less. As a client, you don't have to worry about your freelancer's motivation to deliver quality work all the time because what you pay is what your freelancer gets.

So, the next time your favorite freelance website flaps its lovely wings hope for the best. It's better to end up with a decreased rather than an increased fee, isn't it? The butterfly effect doesn't have to be necessarily bad, but the butterfly's intentions have to be good.

GO see the movie and make sure you are of the other party's situation, regardless you are a client or a freelancer. You would be surprised by the results.