What If Everyone Quit Their 9 to 5 Job To Freelance?

Recently a question came across our desk that asked, “What would happen if everyone quit their 9 to 5 job and started freelancing?” It was one of those questions that made us stop and think. At goLance, we actively promote the freelancer lifestyle. Picking your own hours, being your own boss, living life on your terms. But the idea of the entire world just walking away from their cubicle to freelance it’s one that’s worth discussing. That’s what we’re going to be doing today.

What If Everyone Quit Their 9 to 5 Job To Freelance?

1. Everyone would have ultimate freedom and ironically a ton of responsibility.

You’ve heard us say this a million times before — being a freelancer is like running your own business. Everything is on you to make sure the job is complete, the next gig is in the pipeline, and you’re operating smoothly. You decide which clients to work with, which to pass over, what hours to work on and so on and so forth. It’s a ton of freedom and an insane amount of responsibility.

If you don’t have tools or a system in place you’ll end up on the grind working gigs that eventually you’ll become a slave to. Being a freelancer means you can handle certain responsibilities that normal 9 to 5 jobs don’t ask of you. If you aren’t ready for it, you will get left behind.

2. People would travel more or the very least enjoy the sun.

One of the biggest hobbies our freelancer community enjoys is traveling. When you freelance, you have that ability. The world becomes your office. All you need is your computer and internet connection and you’re free to work anywhere you want.

So if you could travel the world and earn income why not, right? Now keep this in mind, you don’t have to travel. You can replace traveling with any hobby you care about it. Walking away from the 9 to 5 would certainly open up the doors for you to walk to different parts of the world.

3. Companies would form.

If you think about it, the human race always finds a way to come together. We are stronger when we work together. For so long, there has been an unspoken rule that freelancers work alone. They have no one to turn to and are just single faceless entities. That’s not the case.

Our community of freelancers help each other, talk with each, engage. If you check out our Facebook page where we actively promote goLancers of the week you’ll find a huge community lifting each other up and helping to spread the word about each other.

In this case, I believe freelancers would partner up and offer services as a team to be able to capture more business. Eventually, companies would form, which by the way you can do this right now on goLance. Check out our guides to see what I mean.

4. People would learn more.

When you’re a freelancer issues pop up all the time for clients that you need to solve. It’s on you. Some of these issues are new and not easy conversations to have. You need to do some research and figure out the best course of action that will lead you to success.

Sometimes these moments happen once a week, sometimes it feels like every day. There’s no telling when you the freelancer will come to this moment, but you will.  It’s up to you figure out ways to solve these problems.

That’s a big difference between freelancing and working 9 to 5 jobs. In office gigs, for the most part, you do the same task for 20 years straight. You become an expert at doing that task. As a freelancer, you can find yourself doing 20 years straight solving different tasks.

5.  Time would have a different sense of value.

Time is the one thread that connects us all. We can’t buy more time. We can’t trade more of our time. It’s the one factor that makes us truly human. When you’re working the 9 to 5 job you have a good sense of where the time will go. Certain milestones are in place for you to hit. For instance, the 90-day mark where you are no longer on probation, the 1-year mark where you get a raise, the 5-year mark where you’ve invested a ton of money into retirement.

When you freelance, you begin looking at projects and judging their worth based on time. Do you have the time to complete a project, is the money worth your time? You start trading dollars for hours. For each freelancer, it’s a different process to come up with that magic number.

Final Thoughts…

If everyone quit their job to work the freelancer life, the world would change. In 9 to 5 jobs plans are laid out in front of you to work toward. As a freelancer, the plan is in your hands to create. Like I said at the start, this is both freeing and also a ton of responsibility.

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