Should You Work Outside A Freelance Platform?

Is It Really Worth All The Risks and Troubles?

Should You Work Outside A Freelance Platform?

It happens to any freelancer, sooner or later. You get an invitation to take your work outside goLance. Some freelancers even wish to do it themselves. It sounds like a great idea, at first. You can experience the ultimate freelance freedom. However, here are some things to consider before you choose to step out from goLance.

Is It Really Worth All The Risks and Troubles?

So, why do freelancers and clients even think about working outside freelance platforms? The first and most obvious reason is to avoid paying fees. That’s a little bit hard to understand and justify because you will eventually have to pay something, for taxes, transaction fees, exchange rates, and similar. On this platform, it just doesn't make any sense to do such thing by either clients or freelancers. Why?

goLance has NO CLIENT SERVICE FEES! In addition, freelancers pay a flat 7.95% fee, which is one of the most favorable ones in the industry.

The Worst Case Scenario With The Even Darker Twist

Here's a real-freelance-life scenario. You have decided to accept your client's "indecent proposal" to work outside a platform. In the beginning, everything runs smoothly. You become your client's best friend. Then, the time has come for you to get paid for your time and work. What’s happening now?

Your client reveals his true face and intentions. You get a bunch of excuses, one after another, why your payment is delayed. You can’t complain. There's no milestone. There's no safety net. Eventually, you will become tired and you will let it go. You have learned your lesson. You know how they say, don't you? Fool me once, and so on.

Have you ever been blackmailed by your client?

You are ready to forget and even forgive for the work you did for free, but your client has the other plans for you. He or she would like to get some more free work. So, he sends you an email where he threatens to report and expose you for breaching the Terms. Unless you aren't willing to comply, you will face the consequences because you worked outside the platform. What are your available options? Either you will become your client's private freelance “slave” or lose your freelance account.

There's no goPolice - goWork in Peace

I used to work on so many freelance platforms with that creepy feeling that the support is constantly breathing down my neck. That's not the case on goLance. I've already explained to you why. With no client service fees and more than acceptable freelance fees, why in the world would you trouble to work outside this platform?

If your client really respects you as a freelancer, then he will follow wherever you decide to work next – not the other way around. Am I right again?

Thank You, But No Thank You, My Dear Client, Let's Work Here!

Not only that I have no intention of taking the work outside this platform, but I also invite my old clients to follow me here. I believe that the freelance future belongs to the fully independent platforms, which are flexible, open, privately-owned, and most importantly not greedy. This one decreases rather than to increase its freelance service fees. That says a lot about goLance freelance business philosophy, doesn't it?