Relocation vs. Remote Worker: Which Is Best for Top Marketing Talent?

Since a lot of workers relocated to a different place and worked remotely, and still proved to be productive, it has brought forward the question of which one is more suited as a marketing talent?

Relocation vs. Remote Worker: Which Is Best for Top Marketing Talent?

Working during COVID-19 has everyone led out of their comfort zones of how traditional working should look like. While at the start of this pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty about how one should continue working during these unprecedented times, soon corporations figured their way around the pandemic, and the economy started to flourish again.

The world economy did take a massive hit during the pandemic nonetheless. But let us fast forward to 2021 and see how the pandemic has now affected our permanent working conditions. Since a lot of workers relocated to a different place and worked remotely, and still proved to be productive, it has brought forward the question of which one is more suited as a marketing talent?

Relocation versus Remote Workers

Did you know that as of March 2021, In the UK, 60% of the UK population is working from home, according to the Finder's research report? While on the other hand, in the USA, Approximately 4 million professionals are working from home. This is why now location does not matter as such due to such working conditions.

Especially when you are looking for a marketing professional, working remotely or relocating doesn't matter as long as the marketing professional can give a good return on investments.

So if you are looking for a talented marketing professional, you might have to offer them to option of relocation or sometimes working remotely. The best part about 2021 is that it has given us the advanced technology and all those resources that one needs to work in remote working conditions.

To understand what package to offer to a marketing professional, you have to consider the following key elements.

1. Marketer's Quality of Talent

The first question that the company should consider is what kind of talent you are looking for? Because if you are looking for the kind of talent that does not exist within your industry, you might want to reconsider the option of offering to relocate the company or offer the role remotely.

Because most likely, it is possible that the kind of talent you are looking for is not in the suburb but the city. In that case, if the person possesses all the qualities that your job description mentions of the marketer, it is most likely that you should offer that candidate the option of working remotely.

However, on the other side of the job description require on-site talents or services of the employee, then you might have to consider offering the marketer the option of relocating the town of the company, which might include a hefty salary.

2. Marketers Engagement

A lot of marketers work on getting engagement, and a lot of that depends on physically being able to pick up cues and signs of probably your customer, client, or maybe even your teammate. This is what gives an extra set of edge to a marketer if he can assess the engagement needs of the customers.

Because if a marketer works on assumptions, it can lead to a lot of mistakes and misunderstanding, which your company can suffer from a lot in the number of millions of dollars. So working remotely does have this disadvantage.

3. Communication Talent

When marketers are working remotely, they do not have the option of having a quick chat at a colleague's or teammate's desk on their way to grabbing a coffee probably. So, in this case, if the marketer is working remotely, he or she needs to have exceptionally good communication skills on the digital platform.

There are a lot of CRM platforms that can help Marketers Bridge the gap. So if you find a marketer that can work his or her way around a digital platform, you might want to offer them remote working options. If not, you can offer them a relocation option and handle all the costs relating to international movers if your marketer is coming from across borders.

4. Leadership and Development Skills

One of the most impressive skills of a marketer is his ability to lead his team. Especially if you are hiring for a department head, both these skills matter to the core. The question you need to ask yourself is, will the marketer be able to lead his team from a remote location over a digital platform? If yes, then there you go with offering remote working flexibility.

However, if the marketer is more effective in leading teams in person, they might have to make an offer to him or relocate to the on-site location of the company office.

5. Salary Expectations

Offering a marketer relocation package is pretty expensive, so you might want to consider your company's budgets and needs before making an offer. You don't want to be spending all your profit on one marketer. That will just ruin your business.

However, if this marketing employee is bringing your company a load more of business, then it might be okay to offer a relocation option. However, if you can’t afford the relocation package, you might want to consider remote working conditions.

6. Productivity and Profitability

Last but not least, the productivity and profitability that the marketer brings to your company's table matter the most. Because if he or she is bringing twice the level of productivity that can take your business to peaks of profits, you might want to consider offering both options to the marketer.

When you offer a remote working condition to an employee, it gives them the flexibility of working whenever they like, which in turn increases their productivity. However, if your employee is not much self-disciplined, this can lead to him or her not being the right fit for a remote opportunity.

Relocation vs. Remote Worker – To Each His Own

Working remotely is a norm in the year 2021; a lot of people have gotten so used to working remotely than they are now quitting their job and utilizing their skill sets nonetheless, maintaining their work and personal lives perfectly.

However, all you need to do is make sure whether to offer your marketer the option of working remotely or offer them a relocation package. As mentioned in the article, factors like quality of marketers talents, his/her engagement and communication skills, leadership skills, and the productivity and profitability he or she brings to your company's table.