Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business

Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business

Profitable growth is what propels a company forward to greater achievement. As a company, the goal is to continuously increase the scale and reach of the customer base and market. The mission of the business is to add value to as many customers as possible. For the freelancer or employee, it is absolutely necessary to improve efficiency and effectiveness as a worker, and to increase the profitability of the company. Profitable growth is everyone’s business.

What Is Your Focus?

As a freelancer on goLance, your primary focus should be the advancement of the company. A company has hired you for the completion of a project or for a long-term need. It is your job to contribute to the company, and to ensure that the company's mission is achieved. View your company through the eyes of the CEO. How can a company achieve its goals, if the freelancers are not focused on advancing the company? It is detrimental to work with anyone that has a negative impact. Focus on growing the company from your position.

Are You Valuable?

Your role within a company extends beyond your job description and assigned duties. If you only perform the minimum work required, then you are not an effective freelancer or employee. Becoming effective in your role is based upon not only your performance, but how your performance impacts the company directly. Does your work directly add value to customers? Are you trying to find ways outside of work to expand the customer base? An effective worker will "own" the company, taking pride and possession of the company's purpose and mission.

If leaving your current position is in your plans, you need to continue to be as professional as possible, continue to develop yourself, and exit your current position with integrity. Your actions will follow you and management will understand if you're deciding to make a decision to further yourself and your career.

How Efficient Are You?

Efficiency in your job does not pertain to only the given duties and assignments, but also includes the desire to seek improvement, build business relations, and to use excellent time management skills. Asking for clarification on an assignment or a project only builds your reputation as an efficient worker. As the age old saying goes, "Bad news doesn't get better with time." If something happens and you are unsure about it, let someone know, and ensure that the situation is handled.

Submitting work at the deadline is normal. Exceeding the expectations by submitting early is efficient. The performance of your duties can be rated by your skills and how fast you perform them. Taking an "easy day" will not benefit you nor the company. Every day must be given the same 100% level of attitude and speed. Speed is relative to how fast you can perform your job, without sacrificing quality.

How Can You Add More Value to Make the Company Profitable?

Your ideas and input are greatly valued. Refraining from suggestions or comments will hurt the company. You need to think as a team member, and not as an individual. There is a butterfly effect to everything that you do in life. How do you introduce yourself? How do you inform people about your job? Are you enthusiastic about your work? These three questions may not seem to have bearing on the profitability of the company, but they do. It only takes one uninspired moment for you to introduce yourself as working for that company before other people catch on to the negative feelings you have. Negativity spreads like a virus that becomes difficult to stop.

The profitability of the company directly correlates to the employees' motivation, communication, and dedication to the company's purpose.

As an employee, you need to be consistently motivated, and enthusiastic about the work that you perform. Your motivation to your workload will increase the company's growth. Motivation resides inside yourself, and is something to needs to be addressed continually. If your position does not motivate you to do greater things in life, what changes need to be made? You need to be driven to succeed with the help of your company. If not, then you need to find what it is that motivates you.

Communication is your responsibility. If you are unhappy or displeased, you need to communicate with other workers in order to resolve matters. Your work is very important to the company, and the quality needs to be superb. If there are any issues outside of your work life that is hindering your ability to work, you need to address them. It is OK to reach out to a fellow employee, freelancer, team member, or even your boss. Everyone wants a smooth-running operation. We are all human, and we all have problems and issues. Reaching out to your fellow workers is a part of business culture and will build camaraderie.

Dedication is paramount to not only your success, but for that of the company as well. Dedication means being committed to delivering the company's message and completing the company's mission. You may need to sacrifice from time to time, but these sacrifices will be returned in dividends. If you are continually dedicated to the company, then the company will reward you.

Do You Want to Survive or Thrive?

Your employability is not permanent no matter what your position is. In order to continuously work for the same company, you need to be able to provide value for the services that you are offering. Your value is essential to your very survival. Surviving in your job is only the bare minimum, and provides no comfort, security, nor guarantees. The more you contribute to the profitable growth of your company, the more you will thrive! Your success depends on the success of the company and vice versa. Without your job, you cannot succeed. Without workers, the company cannot succeed. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that continuously adds value.

Moving Forward

The first place to increase profitable growth is in the mirror. Everyone involved with a company needs to view themselves and consider what areas need to be changed.

Profitable growth is impossible without improvement, it is a key ingredient to success. If you need guidance, you should seek the counsel of a manager, boss, or experienced co-worker. Don't be afraid to speak up, work harder, or learn about how your company operates outside of your position. If you understand the company in its entirety, you can contribute more to its growth. Profitable growth is ultimately everyone's business.

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