Message From goLance CEO to Our Community Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message From goLance CEO to Our Community Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear goLancers,

We understand that the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt worldwide. Fortunately, as a company that is based upon supporting a remote global workforce, the safety guidelines in various regions are not expected to impede the ability of freelancers to work from home. In fact, we’re working our hardest to get as many people online jobs as possible.

From a technical perspective, our company has multiple redundant servers and a powerful infrastructure to support the ongoing growth of the goLance community.
At goLance we’ve stepped our efforts to help attract more businesses to our award-winning platform and talented workforce. The company is growing at a steady pace, and we continue to invest in technology to support the needs of our clients and freelancers.

Fast payments: Hourly goLancers, once approved, continue to have the opportunity to get paid even faster with the goLance Payday advance option. Unlike many other freelance marketplaces, we offer low commission fees to goLancers, and we’re committed to reducing fees even further as soon as our business reaches certain milestones. We also offer fast global payments in the freelancer’s preferred currency.

Tools and tips to connect and thrive: We provide a variety of resources to our clients and our freelancers to help make it easier to manage remote teams and work remotely. The goMeter and Work Diary have project management, communication, and payment features that are essential for global online workforces to excel.

Keep business flowing: We are expanding our outreach efforts to businesses and freelance professionals by leveraging the capabilities and reach of our strategic partnerships. It’s also now even easier to find talented professionals for a wide range of projects through our advanced screening and certification processes and new features we are currently working on.
We appreciate your commitment to goLance and are committed to your success. Stay safe and connected. We are here to help.

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Michael A. Brooks
GoLance CEO & Founder

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Posted 2 years ago

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