Is The Age of Freelancers Coming To An End?

Is The Age of Freelancers Coming To An End?

If the age of the freelancers is truly coming to an end, then the freelancing itself and the gig economy are doomed.

Meaning, I joined a new freelance platform goLance at the wrong time. Can I be wrong? Can the millions of freelancers out there be wrong? I don’t think so.

Freelancing is the future!

This isn’t just some comforting phrase I’m using to make freelancers, who are going through some tough time, feel better.

The future can be quite demanding.

The easiest and not necessarily the smartest thing to say is, the future of freelancing is bright because one day we will all be freelancers. The number of new freelancers is constantly increasing while the prices of their gigs and work are constantly dropping. The numbers aren’t telling the whole story.

The competition has become simply overwhelming. And, it’s going to become even worse. The clients’ expectations and demands are increasing, as well.

It has never been easy to live and work as a freelancer, but now, it’s more difficult than ever. Does it mean that freelancing has reached its end? Does it mean that freelancers have nothing to hope for?

On the contrary, when an industry reaches its maximum that’s the moment it becomes the most rewarding.

Freelancing is for everybody, but not everyone can become a freelancer. Even fewer can become successful freelancers.

The time has come to determine who is a freelancer and who is a tourist in the freelance industry. The freelancers don’t have to worry about their jobs. And, the "tourists" will have to look for another favorite "destination."

In some countries and in some industries, it is almost impossible to distinguish between the freelance and “regular” jobs. The insecurity is everywhere. The “traditional” jobs that give you a false hope you will retire with slim chances of getting fired have come extremely rare and unattractive with low salaries and limited advancement opportunities.

Fox Mulder thought that we should fight the future. I believe that we should embrace our freelance future.

This isn't a careless future, but it's the only one we have. So, let's fight for it. Let's make it better - together. The easiest thing is to complain and criticize. The hardest part is to accept it as it is and do your best to improve the freelance industry every single day with each and any project you're working on.

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