Introducing the goLance Referral Program

Introducing the goLance Referral Program

We are committed to providing our users with as many options as possible for earning income, whether those users work on our site as freelancers or clients. Our new goLance referral program is the perfect way to reward our loyal users who share our platform with others. Our platform differs from other job site platforms in three distinct ways.

#1 – We Care About All Users

Other job sites offer referral programs for clients only. They offer incentives for clients to sign up and hire their freelancers, but those same freelancers are out of luck when it comes to earning referral dollars. At goLance, we care about all of our users and we appreciate their commitment to our platform so we offer referral income to all users.

If you are a freelancer, agency, or client, you can refer other freelancers, agencies, and clients in order to receive a referral commission.

# 2 – Ongoing, Passive Income Stream

When you look at other job site referral programs, you will find referral benefits of $10 per referred user or a FREE membership for 3 months when you refer a new user. At goLance, we want you to be able to continue earning so we offer our referral program in an ongoing format.

For every referral that you make, goLance will give a percentage of our commission from that new referred user to you. This means that for every single payment that your referred user makes or and for every single payment that your referred user earns, you will receive payment.

You can invite as many users as you want to the platform and earn your commission each week. If you invite enough users who hire other users or work on the platform, you can create an ongoing, passive income stream.

#3 – No Cap on Referral Dollars

We want our users to earn as much money as possible through their referrals. After all, referrals help goLance grow and increase our profit margin. As a result, we do not cap the amount of money that our users can earn. This means that you can earn thousands of dollars per referral. Your referrals will remain active indefinitely. As long as one of your referral is spending money or earning money, you will be earning money.

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If you have any questions about the referral program, please contact a goLance  representative at We would be happy to explain the program in more  detail and offer advice on how to take advantage of the program. Sign up with goLance  today.

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