Introducing the goLance Cash Back Program

Introducing the goLance Cash Back Program

The goLance platform was designed to make work better for its users and that includes limiting the amount of fees that users experience. When you hire users on our platform, we take a fee or a commission. For our most active clients, however, we give a percentage of that fee back as part of our cashback program.

We designed the goLance cashback rewards program to support our most active clients. We believe that when you work with us, you become a partner as well as a member of the goLance community. We want to reward our partners by offering this cashback rewards program to those of you who use our platform regularly and are an integral part of its success.

Up to 50% Cash Back on All goLancer Fees

You can earn up to 50% cash back on fees when you meet the goLance cashback program requirements: a high goLance rating, paying bills to freelancers on time, no disputes in the past 6 months, and having spent more than $10,000 total on goLance projects. If you meet these minimums, goLance will give you 50% cash back or 5% of the 10% fee on every single dollar you spend on the platform. At a rate of 5%, goLance becomes the most cost effective platform for clients in the online sector (beating out Elance, Upwork, Fiverr & many more).

Tiers Help All Clients Earn Cash Back

If you can’t quite reach the 50% cashback tier by spending $42,000 in a single month, goLance offers different tiers for 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% cash back. Your tier is determined by how much money you spend on the goLance platform each month.

The five tiers are as follows:

50% cashback – You have spent at least $42,000 in the past month

40% cashback – You have spent at least $30,000 in the past month

30% cashback – You have spent at least$12,000 in the past month

20% cashback – You have spent at least $5,000 in the past month

10% cashback – You have spent at least $800 in the past month

How the Payout Process Works for Cash Back

The payout process for the goLance Cash Back program is simple. First, the client on the goLance platform pays for his or her first bill and the transaction is processed. Then goLance begins to calculate payments. As soon as the total amount of payments and spending on the platform reach the next tier, the system validates the eligibility and applies the new tier to all future cash back earnings. All futurepayments and spending on the platform will receive the new tier’s cash back percentage. The only caveat of the program is that if a client does not pay for any work on the goLance system over a six month period, then the cashback eligibility will end. To regain eligibility, the client will need to begin again from the beginning and rise up through the tiers.

Build On the CashBack Program With Our Referral Program

You can build on the success of the cashback program by using the goLance referral program as well. For every user that you invite to the platform who works or spends money on the platform, goLance will give you a referral commission. There is no cap on the number of members that you can invite and the referral commission is a lifetime referral commission, meaning that you will earn commission on every single dollar that your referred user earns or spends.

If you have any questions about the cashback program, please do not hesitate to contact a goLance representative. We can be reached at or via phone at +1 (949) 939-1856.

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