How to Use the goMeter on goLance (Revised)

How to Use the goMeter on goLance (Revised)

After you create a profile on goLance, the next step you must take is downloading the goMeter.

The goMeter is a powerful analytic-tracking tool that records a screenshot every ten minutes, and updates it to your work diary. Every contract that you work on will be tracked with the goMeter, unless manual time is permitted. This allows freelancers to be able to offer insight and previews into their work, and is the ultimate in transparency.

So how do we use this tool?

How to Use the goMeter On goLance


If you haven’t done so already you need to download the goMeter. There are two locations to do this:

A. The footer section of goLance has a link where you can walk through the process of downloading it. Click here to access that page.

Footer goMeter

B. In your goLance dashboard, you will find a link to download the goMeter. Click on your profile image to see the “Download goMeter” link.

Download goMeter


  • After you install the goMeter you will select the job you are working on.
  • Remember to start the job, you will need to select the “Play” button. In the image below the play button would be exactly where the “Stop” button is.
  • Images are on an Apple (left) and Windows (right).



Select or write the task you are working on in the description. We recommend writing clear notes about what you are working on. This helps you to stay organized on the tasks you’re engaged in.

The left image is the goMeter on an Apple computer, while the right image is on a Windows computer.

For an Apple:

  • Previous tasks will be saved and can be found in the image marked 1.
  • New tasks can be written out and found in the image marked 2.

For Windows:

  • The goMeter displays "What are your working on?" Click this display.
  • Another box will open where you can either type in your current task, or select it from suggestions generated from your previous tasks.

On both operating systems, click "Save" to update the goMeter.



Every 30 minutes the goMeter will ask you what task you are working on. Make sure to update it as you continue to advance in your project(s).


Make sure to stop the goMeter when you are not working on a project.


  • It’s worth noting you can view the contract you are working on by selecting “View Contract” on an Apple. The goMeter on Windows will automatically display the contract information when started.
  • You can also see how many hours you’ve worked this week and how many hours you worked today under your Stats.


A. Where can I download the goMeter?

B. Where do I review my work diary?

  • Login into your goLance account. Select, “My goLance” then find the contract you are working on. You will see a button labeled, “Work Diary.”
  • To learn how to use the work diary please visit this guide.

C. After I pick my contract I noticed my goMeter hasn’t started, what do I do?

  • Remember to push the play button after you select your contract. The goMeter will not start until you push play.

D. Can I work on goLance without downloading goMeter?

  • Unless a client pays you in full at the start of a contract you will need to download the goMeter to track your hours and work.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Thank you for working with us.

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