How Many Rejections Does It Take To Kill Your Freelance Spirit?

Are you tired of constantly being rejected?

How Many Rejections Does It Take To Kill Your Freelance Spirit?

Are you tired of constantly being rejected?

How many times you have said to yourself, I'm giving up on freelancing. This is just too much for me to bear. Too many rejections. Freelancing just ain't my thing.

If this is the case, then you have just reached the most critical point on your freelance journey. How you’re going to take it from here will decide whether or not you will become a successful freelancer.

Before and after I've decided to join goLance, I used to and I'm still going through tough times. I always remind myself of this great motivational story. If my memory serves me right, this is a part of the training for the British special forces.

Who Dares - Freelances

So, you spend the whole day marching with some extremely heavy military gear. At the end of the long and exhausting day, you have made it. The military trucks are waiting for you to take you back to your base. But, there is a catch.

Your instructors have an unpleasant surprise for you. The trucks have been moved to a new location. You just have to walk an additional mile or two. This is a breaking point for many candidates. The catch is that the trucks are waiting just around the corner. Just imagine all the drama there. All disappointment and excitement of candidates who have decided to give up or continue.

To be so close and yet, so far away from achieving your goals. I just couldn't think of the worst-case scenario for any freelancer.

You are in the same situation. I’m not saying that a life-changing client or project is waiting for you just around the corner. But, why don’t you give it one more try?

Don't Cry - Give It One More Try

If you give up on freelancing now, you will regret it later, a lot. Don’t give up!

You keep trying and keep failing. You are having the second thoughts about freelancing. But, this is just a phase. One day, you will remember the moment when you were so close to giving it all up and you are going to laugh. Or, you are going to regret it because you couldn’t find some additional strength and patience to try for a bit longer.

My final word of advice:

A rejection that doesn't kill your freelance spirit makes you a better and stronger freelancer.

Do you agree?