How Many Hours A Day On Average Do You Spend Bidding?

Bidding Is An Essential Activity For Every Freelancer. Depending on how you bid and how much time you spend bidding, your overall success as a freelancer is determined.

How Many Hours A Day On Average Do You Spend Bidding?

Here’s the deal. I will give you a million dollars for every freelancer you find to enjoy bidding, including yourself. We all know that this is a mission impossible. I don’t have to worry about giving away this amount of money I still have to earn working as a freelancer. And, you have to go back to bidding. Just like you’ve been doing every single day. For how long? Are we talking about minutes or hours you spend bidding?

There’s No Freelancing Without Bidding

In theory, bidding is supposed to be an activity where all parties involved in the freelancing process find the common ground: freelancers, clients, and the freelance websites themselves. In reality of freelance life, what you get is a battleground actually. You have freelancers who just want to get over with it. They want to place bids and move on. Then, you have the clients who expect for you to bid on their projects as if these are the first and last projects you have ever placed a bid on. Finally, there’s a freelance platform that is extremely spam-bidding-sensitive by default. Voilà! There you have it. A little bit of bidding drama and quite opposite interests every single day.

So, what can we do about it? Is there a way to make all the parties happy?

No Need To Be Rude – Change Your Bidding Attitude

Bidding doesn’t pay your freelancer’s bills. That’s true. But, it’s also true that you need to bid if you want to win new projects and find new clients. Plain and simple, bidding is every freelancer’s bloodstream. This doesn’t mean that you should bid on every project you lay your eyes on. Think twice where and whether or not you will place your bid in the first place. Called it a day after a handful of bids you just placed.

Also, there’s no need to treat every bid as if it’s the last project on earth. You never know which project is going to work for you, so relax. When bidding apply the simple principle: What you give my dear client in your project’s description is what you get in my bid! If a client didn’t want to bother and you see a single line project’s description, then your bid should return the favor accordingly. Don’t spend too much time bidding on these projects, if you bid at all. On the other hand, if a client has obviously put a great deal of effort and time in his project’s description, you have to take your time bidding.

What are you supposed to do with the bidding rules and limitations? GoLance is one of the very few, if not the only platform, that doesn’t impose any limitations related to bidding. This is something you should appreciate and don’t take for granted. When it comes to freelance websites, I have seen and done it all. Some platforms will put you on a bidding diet with the insufficient number of available bids. The others will penalize you if the bidding algorithms detect the “unusual activities.” Whatever is that supposed to mean.

Dead Time is the Best Time for Bidding

Just like there’s no freelancer who enjoys bidding, there’s no freelancer who has found a way to untie the Gordian bidding knot. Just let it go. There’s no way you will reinvent the freelance wheel. But, there’s something else you can do. Install an app. Every serious freelance platform has an app that allows you to enjoy the desktop features more or less. You should use an app to bid all day long. You have to wait for a bus. Place a bid or two. You are hanging out with your friends. While they’re texting, you can check out the latest projects. You would be surprised how the so-called “dead time” can be the extremely productive time for bidding.

Ask not what bidding can do for you, ask yourself what can you do to improve your bidding. Now, if you’re done with the reading, GO do some bidding!