How Freelance Platforms Deal With Disagreement Between Two Parties?

How Freelance Platforms Deal With Disagreement Between Two Parties?

Before I decided to join a new freelance platform goLance, I used to work a lot as a freelancer on all freelance websites available. Pretty quickly, I realized something important. We don’t live and work in an ideal freelance world. It doesn’t happen too often that you end up in a disagreement with the other freelance party, but when it does, it can be quite unpleasant.

You want justice regarding your freelance project. You demand it from your freelance services provider or simpler to say, from a freelance platform you’re working on. What happens?

By default the freelance platform favor the clients in a dispute with their freelancers.

This isn’t an “industry standard,” but rather the bitter reality of freelance life. You have to make sure that as a freelancer you have a strong case and evidence against your unfair client or you’re going to lose as soon as you complain.

Why it has to be like this?

The freelance platforms believe that’s lesser of two evils to leave a freelancer unsatisfied than a client. Why? Well, a client can come back and spend more money. What can a freelancer do? He’s stuck to a freelance website because of his reviews and working history. On the other hand, you have a client who’s free like a bird to fly away to some other freelance platform. He doesn't have to worry about his reviews or working history. Right? It's less painful for a client to open a new account and start all over that it is for a freelancer.

Does it have to be like this?

No! There’s a word, which is more than just a word I like to use on our platform. On goLance, we are all goLancers there are no freelancers and clients. Meaning, we should be uncompromising when it comes to these disputes. We shouldn’t favor a client or a freelancer, but the truth only. We don’t need an unfair freelancer just as we don’t need an unfair client on our platform.

A client without a moral compass is like a virus that can infect the whole freelance platform.

We need freelancers just as we need clients for a freelance platform to work properly. If you favor one side, you’re going to compromise the whole system.

This has to be a business motto for every freelance platform for a reason:

“Fiat justitia ruat caelum - Let justice be done though the heavens may fall”

So true! Do you agree?

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