goLance Messenger

goLance Messenger

goLance has a messenger system available to every goLancer, so clients and freelancers don't have to use outside applications to communicate.

This post will show you how to use the messenger system on goLance, and it shows both the client's and the freelancer's side of a conversation.

Client Side

This is the initiating side of communication on goLance. As a client, you must post a job on goLance to use messenger. Once posted, you'll have the ability to contact any freelancer. Select the freelancer by visiting their profile, and finding the "CONTACT" button.

Once you click it, you'll see a box appear where you invite the freelancer to communicate with you.

  • Select the job posting which you are inviting them to discuss from the drop-down menu.
  • Write a personalized invitation.
  • Click "INVITE" when finished.

After you have submitted the invitation and it becomes accepted, your (client's side) messenger will look like this.
Simply type the message in the box, and then click "SEND." The paper clip icon allows you to attach files and share them through the messenger.

In the top right corner as a client, you will see two icons. The first is the scheduler and the second is video calling which will be covered in a later article. Only clients will see these two icons.

Freelancer Side

The freelancer will see the following on their side of the messenger.
Note in the top right corner, the messenger icon has a small red dot indicating a notification. The sender will be displayed on the left side.

After clicking on the incoming message, the message will darken (blue background with white letters), and a warning will appear.
Read through the Safety Warning, and once you have finished, click "Got it, show conversation."

The next screen displays the message as received by the freelancer.
Note that freelancers do not have the ability to schedule or place calls.


  1. Is messenger free to use?

Messenger is 100% free to use for everyone on goLance.

  1. Do I have to download anything?

No. Messenger functions within your browser, and there is nothing that you need to download.

  1. How can a freelancer start message conversations?

Freelancers cannot send messages, unless they have a job posted (as a client). This limits the amount of unnecessary communication between freelancers and clients.

  1. The conversation was "closed" and is no longer accessible, what does this mean?

When a conversation becomes closed, it is because the job position utilized to converse with you, has closed.

  1. As a freelancer, how do I close the conversation?

As a freelancer, you cannot close the conversation. You don't have control over whom to talk to and how, only your responses. You do have the ability to report spam, abuse, or fraud.

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Thank you for working with us.

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