goLance Helps Entrepreneurs Drive Sales, Reduce Costs, and Improve Productivity with Virtual Sales Assistants

goLance recently released an innovative "Hire Now" feature that helps businesses seeking virtual assistants

goLance Helps Entrepreneurs Drive Sales, Reduce Costs, and Improve Productivity with Virtual Sales Assistants

DOVER, Del., Sept. 16, 2021 -- goLance, an online freelance marketplace that places talent at no cost to its business clients, has made it even easier to quickly hire vetted virtual sales assistants (VSAs) that work on brand awareness, research, and administrative tasks, freeing up time and enabling sales staff to focus on closing. goLance recently released an innovative "Hire Now" feature, where businesses seeking virtual assistants for short or long-term projects can easily open an account, identify goLance freelancers with the skills and experience required, and make them an offer. The feature also allows clients to send an offer to a freelancer outside of goLance.

"We're seeing a huge increase in companies that use freelance virtual assistants to get leads, conduct research, perform data entry, and set meetings for sales teams," says Michael Brooks, CEO, goLance. "Sales reps are busy preparing presentations, meeting with prospects, and developing proposals, so offloading lead generation and related tasks to VSAs can make your sales teams more effective."

The Hire Now feature complements many other capabilities that goLance provides its clients. For example, goLance offers ratings and reviews from previous clients that present an instant look at a worker's track record, and a business model with 2% cash back on payments made to freelancers. The goLance platform provides time/activity tracking and reporting tools, and businesses can use credit cards to pay talent on the goLance platform without being charged processing fees for the transaction.

"goLance specializes in hiring global remote workers of all skillsets," says Brooks. "The Hire Now feature makes it easier and more affordable than ever before to find the right freelancers on goLance," says Brooks. "Or they can use our platform to pay other contractors and save."

About goLance
goLance empowers businesses to recruit, screen, manage, optimize and pay global online freelance talent efficiently and cost effectively. In 2021, RemoteTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization, selected goLance as the winner of the prestigious "Virtual Remote Co-working Platform of the Year" Award. goLance has also received awards from other organizations for its innovation, powerful platform and business model.