GoLance Featured in Maqtoob for Entrepreneurs

GoLance Featured in Maqtoob for Entrepreneurs

Maqtoob is the number one publication for entrepreneurs and freelancers on Medium. What makes this publication stand out is an uncompromising persistence on the quality of published articles and the whole section dedicated to freelance-related topics.


GoLance is both honored and privileged to be featured in this publication. Some of the most interesting and insightful freelance-related articles written by our team members can be found on Maqtoob.

Here's an overview of articles published by goLance's founder and CEO Michael Brooks on Maqtoob:

How Loyal Are The Freelancers To Their Freelance Platforms?
What Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Hire Multiple Freelance Teams?
The Matrix and the Modern Freelancing 20 Years Later: Is Neo Still the Hero?
Has the Freelance Writing Industry Collapsed?
How Much Is Freelancing Entrepreneurial?
What Are My Predictions for the Freelance Economy in 2019?
Top Five Freelance Myths Busted Once and For All
Why Every Entrepreneur Should Know a Thing or Two About Filmmaking and Directing?
Snowflake Romans vs. Starving Gauls: Who Will Conquer Silicon Valley?
You’re Nobody Unless You’re the Boss
Silicon Valley Jobs Between Myth and Reality

As you can see, there's a lot you can learn about freelancing and entrepreneurship by reading all these articles on Maqtoob. And, that's not all freelance folks. The list of articles published by goLance's team members continues with the following:

Why I Think It’s Tragic That Upwork Went Public
To Kill an Outsourcing Bird
All Freelancers Should Learn Programming, Period!
Why All Freelancers Should Be Hyperactive on Quora?
Put a Fee Where Your Mouth Is, My Dear Freelance Website!
Agent Smith, Where Are You When I Need You?
Upwork’s First Month As a Public Company
There Are NO RICH Freelancers, BUT…
Is Upwork the Next MySpace of Freelancing?
Is Fiverr Going Public?
How Many Rejections Does It Take to Kill Your Freelance Spirit?
What’s Your Freelance Business Ritual?
Why the Self-Taught Freelancers Are the Best Freelancers?
Who Is Who in the Freelance Game of Thrones?
Why Every Freelance Marketplace That Goes Public Becomes A Startup Titanic?
Why Every Day Is the Independence Day for Freelancers?

So, happy reading and keep an eye on the "goLance Getting Recognized" section because it will get a lot bigger thanks to new publications our platform will be featured in.

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