Freelancers – Earn Unlimited Income With the goLance Affiliate Program

Freelancers – Earn Unlimited Income With the goLance Affiliate Program

We want to make the working world a better place for goLance clients and our freelancers. And what could be more impactful than finding new ways for clients to save money while giving freelancers the opportunity to earn more and lower their fees while using our great technology?

We did the math and developed a new frontier in the freelance marketplace – The Great Affiliate Gold Rush.

Here’s how it works
Freelancers who bring new clients to the goLance platform can now start earning a 12.5% commission based on the total fees that goLance collects on the client’s company. That amounts to about 1% of the client’s spending. And the commissions aren’t just on what the client spends on you – it also includes client payouts on other freelancers in that company!

Plus, you can bring in a client at any level of spending. Here’s an example of how this adds up:

  • Let’s say a client has 100 freelancers with their company and spends about $1,000,000 a year. We have many clients with this level of spending and higher. In this example, you’d get a potential commission of about $10,000 a year. That can also really add up to much more over time.

Freelancers who’ve just learned about the new goLance Affiliate Program have told us it’s incredible because goLance doesn’t cap the commissions. Most other freelance affiliate programs typically cap earnings at about $100 or so per referral. Plus, our freelancers say how much their clients appreciate the great customer service, savings, talented people, and technology that we provide.

Hurry – Get your piece of the gold!

Why is this called a Gold Rush? Well, it’s because the first one to bring in a client with that company captures this golden opportunity. You’ll be given an affiliate code that you share with your network.

  1. If you’re already a goLance freelancer, log into your goLance account here.
    Go to the “Resource” tab > Affiliate Program” and click on the button to get your unique affiliate link.
  2. Freelancers who aren’t currently on the goLance platform can sign up for an account on the platform here. Once your account is set up, just follow the instructions referenced in #1 above.

Partner with us in this innovative program and make more money with this great opportunity. Learn more detailed information about the program and how it works here.