What Strategies are Most Effective When Finding and Hiring Talented Virtual Assistants Online?

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A good virtual assistant can be an asset to any company. However, finding and hiring a talented virtual assistant can be daunting, especially if you must complete the entire process online. But don’t be dismayed. Below, a few experts share effective strategies to help you find and hire a top-notch virtual assistant.

Lucas Ochoa

Lucas Ochoa

Founder & CEO, .

Consider Cultural Work Styles

It's important to recognize that different regions have their own work cultures. For instance, Filipinos typically have strong English skills and a good understanding of Western culture, which makes them excellent for content creation and virtual assistant roles.

Virtual assistants from the Philippines are particularly suited for language-focused tasks, as they often speak Americanized English due to the country's history as an American colony and their exposure to Western culture. They generally [understand] what you need from them.

Regarding coding tasks, Russians and Eastern Europeans are outstanding. They seem to have a knack for engineering. While some may be expensive, they are usually worth it. I primarily turn to Russia, Bulgaria, and Romania for such talent.

When starting, I recommend conducting a live session using Google Teams or a similar platform to guide them through their tasks. Recording this session allows them to refer back to it as needed.

Also, it is beneficial to have them complete a simple Google Sheet at the end of each day, noting the hours they worked and summarizing their activities. It helps keep everyone aligned and can highlight if any tasks are taking unexpectedly long.

Be aware of cultural differences, such as more holidays in some countries, which can affect work schedules.

Dr. Mark Farrell

Dr. Mark Farrell

(FIA) Founder, CEO, Associate Professor & Actuary, .

Utilize Freelance Platforms and Virtual Assistant Agencies

Having used many different virtual assistants over the years, I recommend utilizing specialized freelance platforms and virtual assistant agencies. These platforms and agencies often vet their virtual assistance for quality, reliability, and expertise, providing a pool of candidates who are already pre-screened. Or, at the very least, there is a history of testimonials from previous clients.

To make this strategy work, choose the right platform or agency and carefully review profiles and ratings. It is then important to conduct thorough interviews.

Interview shortlisted candidates to assess their skills, communication abilities, work ethic, and compatibility with your work style. This can include discussing their past projects, asking scenario-based questions, and understanding their problem-solving approach to evaluate their actual work quality, adherence to deadlines, and communication during a real task.

We suggest a trial period to see how things go and evaluate their work quality, adherence to deadlines, and communication during a real task. The beauty here is if it's not a fit, you can easily part ways.

If you land a great virtual assistant, build a solid working relationship. Treat them like a valuable team member with regular feedback, appreciation, and open communication. Using this approach, I've worked with the same fantastic virtual assistant for over five years.

Stefan Campbell

Stefan Campbell

Assess Skills With Online Tools

When hiring virtual assistants for your online business, you should assess their communication skills using online tools to see if they are [able] to serve the needs of your customers.

At the heart of any business is the customer. Virtual assistants help me handle administrative tasks in my online business, including customer communication. When it comes to communication tasks, these virtual assistants communicate with my customers through emails to understand their needs, complaints, or anything peculiar to business communication.

To ensure that my virtual assistants possess strong communication skills, I rely on the Indeed platform, which offers a feature allowing candidates to take communication skills tests. That way, it's easy for me to hire talented virtual assistants.

Businesses or organizations that hire virtual assistants [should] start using online tools to get talented virtual assistants.

Phil McParlane

Phil McParlane

Founder & CEO, .

Create Targeted Job Descriptions

One valuable strategy for recruiting and hiring skilled virtual assistants online is to create targeted job descriptions with precise expectations. Instead of vague terms like "organized" or "good communicator," be specific about the required skills, experience, and attributes. For instance, highlight proficiency in relevant software tools, industry expertise, and specific tasks they will manage.

It's also essential to be transparent about your company culture. Describe your work style, communication preferences, and deadline expectations. This transparency enables potential virtual assistants to gauge their compatibility with your work environment. When candidates clearly understand what it's like to work for your company, they can make informed decisions about applying for the position.

In my practice, I've effectively employed this strategy by crafting detailed job descriptions tailored to the specific needs of my business. I attracted candidates who aligned well with my expectations by clearly outlining the skills and qualities required for the role.

Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma

Implement Trial Projects for Skill Assessment

My go-to strategy to unearth top-tier virtual assistants online revolves around trial projects. Instead of solely relying on resumes, I initiate small, paid tasks that mirror the role's demands. This not only filters candidates based on skills but also showcases their adaptability and work quality.

I recently assigned a brief sample task when seeking a virtual assistant for content research. This hands-on approach allowed me to assess their research capabilities and communication skills.

Embracing trial projects ensures a seamless fit and minimizes the risk of mismatched expectations, paving the way for a successful and fruitful collaboration with talented virtual assistants.

Pat Schirripa

Pat Schirripa

CEO, .

Conduct a Rigorous Screening Process

Prioritizing a rigorous screening process is critical when hiring outstanding virtual assistants online. By specifying job requirements and conducting extensive interviews, I ensure that candidates have the relevant skills and experience.

In addition, I use practical exercises or simulations to test their talents. Using platforms with solid review systems allows me to evaluate past performance accurately. This strategy has repeatedly resulted in the identification of professional virtual assistants who meet my demands and expectations.

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