Featured goLancer: CJ Perez

We’ve selected him as our Featured goLancer because of the level of truth he brings to the Freelancer world and this interview. He is an honest guy who has a powerful freelancer voice you need to hear.

Featured goLancer: CJ Perez

For the past two years, CJ Perez has made a living in the Philippines as a Freelancer. Like many freelancers reading this, his life could have gone another route. He was working a stable gig but something changed. Something he couldn’t ignore. He resigned his day job and followed the Freelancer’s path.

Clients that have worked with CJ have referred to him as an “Asset to the company,” “flexible,” and “detail oriented.” He is a graduate of the University of The Philippines, has skills in Business Development, Social Media, Call Centers, and Online Marketing to name a few.

We’ve selected him as our goLancer Of The Week because of the level of truth he brings to the Freelancer world and this interview. He is an honest guy who has a powerful freelancer voice you need to hear.

World Meet CJ – Our Featured goLancer …

INTERVIEWER: Who is CJ, what did you want to be as a kid?

CJ: I hoped to be a Scientist when I was a kid. This started when my folks and friends noticed that I was always asking questions about almost anything. I’m very curious about things I do not understand. Then they thought I was a smart guy and would have the potential to excel in academics. However, as time went by, my interests changed and I decided to pursue Business Administration.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Do you have experience working in an office / 9 to 5 setting what was that like?

CJ: Yes. I worked in the corporate setting for more than a decade coming from different types of industries.

INTERVIEWER: It sounds like you had a few options. What were you thinking during this time?

CJ: Yes, I worked in several types of industries (Pharmaceuticals company like AstraZeneca, FMCG – Fast moving consumer goods) however my positions were in sales and marketing. The industry may have been different but the positions I held were similar. Only the products and processes were different. I was aggressive and wanted to get exposure and opportunities, that’s why I took the work.<span style="color: #ff0000;">

INTERVIEWER: What was your big break into freelancing?

CJ: When I resigned as a Business Development Manager from a call center company and somewhat started my own little operations.

INTERVIEWER: What made you think you could earn a full-time living life freelancing?

CJ: I never thought I would be doing any freelancing. I just realized it when I was already making an income for myself.

CJ 2 - Freelancer

INTERVIEWER: So you realized you were freelancing. How did you manage the work? Any tools you leverage to keep organized?

CJ: Managing freelance work was not very difficult for me to start with because of the experience I had gained through the corporate world and with the different industries I was exposed to.  My main tool is to make sure that I am able to communication 24/7 using skype, emails, Viber. All the other tools I use are basic stuff in any office administration.<span style="color: #ff0000;">

INTERVIEWER:  Cool. We tell freelancers all the time consistent, clear, communication is very important for building relationships with clients. How do you keep developing your skills?

CJ: Self-studying and through the experiences I learn from the jobs I acquired over time.

INTERVIEWER: Would you ever give up freelancing for an office job?

CJ: I am open to opportunities outside of freelancing perhaps getting back to the corporate world. But I am enjoying freelancing at this point and I am staying until a new opportunity comes but I am not looking for any change.

CJ 1 - Freelancer

INTERVIEWER: What has freelancing taught you?

CJ: Freelancing taught me to be honest and hardworking. In freelancing, there is no such thing as job security.

INTERVIEWER: What’s the worst part about being a freelancer?

CJ: There are no corporate bonuses or perks.

INTERVIEWER: How do you get around this?

CJ: I was able to evolve as a dedicated freelancer to a Freelance Agency promoter. I look for jobs and endorse other applicants if hired. This multiplies my income by getting a certain percentage from the employees I hire to work with clients.

INTERVIEWER: What’s the best part about freelancing?

CJ: Working at home.

Cj 4 - Freelancer

INTERVIEWER: If you could go back in time, what’s one piece of advice you wish you could have shared with yourself when you first started freelancing?

CJ: I would advise myself to be more diligent in learning new stuff that I am not fond of doing.

INTERVIEWER: What advice do you have for freelancers just starting out?

CJ: They need to build their profile by getting jobs at startup or accept jobs for experience.

Why Did We Pick CJ As The Featured goLancer?

CJ is proof that is you believe in yourself and put in the hard work you can do anything. It’s a cliche thought, but it’s true. So many freelancers face roadblocks, personal, economically, business wise, whatever the case may be and they get discouraged from moving forward. When that happens they quit.

Quitting is the easiest thing to do. You put a final nail in the coffin and you move on. Sometimes it’s needed. Sometimes you can’t quit. You don’t need to survive, you need to thrive. CJ has thrived as a freelancer. He has a work ethic we can’t help but smile at. He’s hardworking, honest, and proven. For these reasons and more we have selected CJ as our goLancer of the Week.

Where Can You Hire CJ?

Drop CJ a line by visiting his profile on goLance.

Cj also runs a Virtual Assistant Company page on goLance found here.