Featured goAgency: SauceSites

Featured goAgency: SauceSites

What’s every business’ secret sauce? We all know the answer to this question, don’t we? It’s a remarkable website that attracts and converts leads into paying customers. How to make one?

Many web design agencies make promises; few deliver remarkable results.

After seeing a SauceSites’ portfolio on Clutch, we have no doubts. These guys know what they’re doing. A new landing page for a well-known brand, such as GoDaddy, speaks volumes about this agency’s capacity to improve any company's website credibility and brand value.

So, without further ado, let’s find all about the success sauce of SauceSites.

goLance: What can you tell us about the history of your agency? When and why have you decided to dive into the world of web design and brand consulting?

SauceSites: Since we founded it as a modest design studio in 2014, our Sauce Sites has grown into a full-service agency driven by a team of world-class creatives and producers.

Led by Founder and CEO, Andrej Hribernik, our team has helped some of the world's largest brands with award-winning marketing solutions and user experiences.

Our mission is simple - consistently deliver ideas and work that matters and exceeds client expectations. Everything we do, we do in an open, transparent and collaborative environment.

goLance: What kind of services do you provide to your clients? Does a successful web design necessarily include a new brand strategy, as well?

SauceSites: We offer custom Web Design, Web Development, Branding and Marketing Strategy

Most of the time that is the case, however, it depends from project to project, also we consider that best result oriented work is done when a proper strategy is in place, especially when speaking of a Branding Strategy which is very important today when it is necessary to differentiate.

goLance: Can you tell us something about your web design process? How does it work to work with SauceSites?

SauceSites: We take a great emphasis on understanding our clients and their goals first. After the initial call, we set up a website strategy session where we identify the goal, how to achieve and what are the required steps, after we have it established we would move on to the design part all the way from the basic Wireframes to the fully responsive User Experience and User Interface Design and then, of course, develop it into a fully functional website afterwards.

goLance: What does it make you stand out from your competitors? What’s the secret sauce of SauceSites?

SauceSites: The main differentiator is our care about our clients and helping them achieve their business goals in oppose to “just creating the design” with our thorough process in place, we guide each of our clients all the way through the completion and offering our support after the project.

goLance: How did you find out about goLance, and what are your first impressions about our platform?

SauceSites: goLance is very easy to use, and we have fallen in love with it pretty soon, it is easy to find highly positioned clients and the systems in place are solid.

goLance: How do you compare goLance to other freelance platforms you used to or are still working on? How familiar are you with the goLance’s no-cost-to-clients policy, one of the industry’s lowest flat freelance service fees, PayDay Advance, and Variable Review Period features?

SauceSites: It is just amazing, when you compare it to the other platforms starting at -20% fee, goLance does an amazing work at the lowest fixed fees and no hidden ones, our agency loves it!

goLance: How would you recommend your agency to goLance’s top clients with high expectations and specific demands?

SauceSites: We treat every single client with the most attention and focus, as far as our experience goes our past work speaks for itself, we have clear processes for the most demanding tasks that we specialise in and for more details they are free to reach out at our saucesites.com and book a free consultation call.

goLance: How have you managed to gain the trust and respect of your clients? How do you build long-term relationships and make sure your customers keep coming back with more work for you to do?

SauceSites: By being transparent in everything we do and actually being there for them, even after the initial project is completed and offer our support to them.

goLance: How has the pandemic affected your business?

SauceSites: As any other online business these days the business is doing great and we keep on expanding and bringing great results to our clients.

goLance: What are your agency’s future plans?

SauceSites: Continue expanding and doing what we do best: helping out clients achieve their goals.

goLance: Would you recommend goLance to your business partners and clients?

SauceSites: We definitely would, it is our go-to platform!


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