Best 8 Business Books For Managing Remote Teams

We're going to look at some of the best business books that assist you in managing remote teams

Best 8 Business Books For Managing Remote Teams

Workplace culture has changed more in the past few years than it has over several decades before that. With new technologies coming to the fore, and the nationwide shutdowns forcing companies to adapt and catch up, the benefits of having remote teams have never been more. Although it's easier said than done, especially if you haven't done so before.

But worry not, because, in this piece, we're going to look at some of the best business books that assist you in managing remote teams and show how to cruise through the digital world seamlessly. In today's world of technology and social media, it also becomes necessary to market your business through digital channels. For some assistance with that, check out this list of the best digital marketing audiobooks that you can go through while commuting or finishing your house chores.

1. REMOTE iT!: Winning with Freelancers- Build and Manage a Thriving Business in a Virtual World- Run a Booming Business from Anywhere by Michael Brooks

Having a local office comes at many costs: hiring an office space, paying for your employees' expenses, and much more. Why not eliminate all of that and go global while also saving costs? Sounds too good to be true? That's exactly what Brooks shows in this book. He talks about creating an efficient culture at a significantly lesser price than a conventional office setup. Using his own experience in creating a successful and acclaimed freelance business that's spread globally, he shows how going remote gives you a large advantage over your competitors.

From creating a committed workforce to finding freelance employees with diverse skills to conducting meetings despite time zone differences, the book explores every aspect of creating a business with freelancers. Whether you're an employer or employee, you'll certainly find crucial information through this short yet comprehensive book.

2. Virtual Culture: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore by Bryan Miles

Written in 2017, at a time when hardly anyone was talking about building a virtual office and working remotely, Bryan observes how mere technological advancements in your office won't do. What a business requires to sail through is going completely remote and virtual. He talks about the benefits of working remotely and how it's going to save you both money and time while building a work culture that's crucial for growth.

Productivity is not necessarily employees coming in to work at fixed times, but whether work is completed efficiently and proficiently or not. Written in a lucid style, the book is a breeze to get through and emphasizes the importance of working remotely in a constantly changing environment.

3. The New Corner Office: How the Most Successful People Work from Home by Laura Vanderkam

As the world gets more and more digital with businesses embracing remote working culture, not everyone can get used to working from the same place they watch TV shows and relax. It's not easy to maintain productivity while working from home, and that's why this book is so crucial for both businesses and employees working in a remote environment. The vital part is to develop new working habits while discarding the old ones.

Laura uses the experience of those who were working remotely way before we all were forced to and charts lessons from their routines and habits. Using these insights, she shows how anyone can turn the remote situation to their advantage, and work in a way that can help them find time for new hobbies and skills. From building connections to creating a work ritual, she provides life-saving tips that are bound to help everyone, regardless of whether one's an introvert or an extrovert, ambitious or otherwise.

4. HBR Guide to Remote Work by The Harvard Business Review

While yes, working from home entails comfort and flexibility, it also means having to work between distractions and temptations of all kinds. So what to do? The HBR Guide offers simple and impactful solutions to all questions and issues about remote work. Whether it's finding the right kind of technology or creating an efficient routine or conducting better sessions, the book looks into the different aspects in detail.

Useful for both employees and employers, this book has been compiled by industry experts and is one of the most trustworthy brands on the globe. Be it managing your remote employees, having difficult conversations through virtual interactions, or avoiding fatigue due to excessive video calling, you'll learn several new things through this piece.

5. Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried & David H. Hansson

Operate from an office under controlled conditions? Or work remotely at the comfort of your home? Fried and Hansson look at this debate while bringing new insights and show how the advantages of remote work easily outweigh its disadvantages. Written way before work-from-home became the norm rather than the rarity, the book shows how working remotely offers an individual to work at their best notwithstanding any geographical and/or financial constraints. In a world that's swiftly turning worker-centric rather than workplace-centric, the book remains timely for almost a decade since it was published.

Not only does remote work reduce business costs, but it also decreases their real estate space while widely enhancing their talent pool. Whether you're a manager or an employee stuck in a tiring job with no rewards, Remote can help you with upgrading your career and reach new heights with the power of the internet. Readable and filled with insights, this book is a must for all those who're contemplating leaving their conventional office job or those who are regarding the implementation of a remote culture in their office.

6. The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel

The founders of the Remote Leadership Institute, Kevin and Wayne take the readers to the basics of leadership for effective management in all situations, be it office or remote work. Even though it might seem otherwise, leading a team is very similar to leading a team in person. As more and more businesses go the digital route, learning how to lead remote workers becomes crucial. Sharing their Three-O model i.e. outcomes, others, and ourselves, that a leader should prioritize over, they direct attention towards the basic principles.

Combining their Three-O model with their Remote Leadership Model that shows how to employ technology as a utility instead of a source of distraction, they offer the perfect roadmap for present and future leaders. With practical tips and exercises that keep you motivated and on your path to completing projects and effectively building associations. With stories, questions, and rules that are built to be effective for your career and business, it's an unmissable reference guide to remote leadership.

7. How to Thrive in the Virtual Workplace: Simple and Effective Tips for Successful, Productive and Empowered Remote Work by Robert Glazer with Mick Sloan

Despite what the naysayers speculated at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, remote work culture has only gotten more widespread with time. The biggest of organizations have gone fully remote and seen astronomical growth in no time. Robert Glazer, founder, and CEO of a completely remote organization (Acceleration Partners) with over 170 employees have gained wisdom and unique insights in this field that he shares through this book. He shows how, with the usage of the right tactics and strategies, any business can reach new heights with a remote culture.

Seamlessly, Glazer tracks his journey and that of his award-winning enterprise and using the experiences, shares advice on how to wade through in a remote work culture no matter who you are or what role you operate under. Showing how to use the flexibility that a remote job offers to its maximum potential and stay productive while avoiding burnouts, the book illustrates how to thrive in a virtual world and wade through any and every obstacle that comes your way. Simultaneously concise and precise, it uses real-life examples and anecdotes and offers a simple yet effective actionable guide to build a sustainable and successful business.

8. Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely - Successfully- for Individuals, Teams, and Managers by Lisette Sutherland with Kirsten Janene-Nelson

As the subtitle of the book indicates, this book is for everyone, whether you're an employee or a manager. The modern world is a witness to the incredible effects of remote jobs. While an employee gets to have more flexibility, independence, and satisfaction, a manager saves money and assets while also getting to access talent outside their local zones. But new situations call for new strategies, and this case isn't any different.

Through this book, Lisette provides a complete blueprint for every part of the team in a business, from an employee to a manager to an owner, and explains how you can get the best results by supporting every team member. Filled with simple yet practical guides and advice that help you on every step of your journey, Work Together Anywhere is a guide that underlines the importance of working collaboratively to reach new heights.

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