Aren't You Tired of the "Fast Food" Content for Freelancers?

When was the last time you've read a useful article about freelancing?

Aren't You Tired of the "Fast Food" Content for Freelancers?

When was the last time you've read a useful article about freelancing?

There are so many how to do this or that in freelancing type of articles. There are countless tips for freelancers you can stumble upon online. The trouble is that all of them are more or less the same.

The genuine and insightful content for freelancers that makes you think and improve isn't easy to find. Why?

Are You Writing For Google OR Freelancers?

I don't know about you, but I have this feeling that all those freelance-related articles have been written by people who haven't spent a single day working as freelancers. A freelancer can tell if an article he's reading comes from another freelancer's first-hand experience. Otherwise, you usually end up with that look on your face, what's a writer of this article talking about? It just doesn't make any sense.

It's understandable that all those blogs and communities for freelancers have SEO goals and priorities. However, sometimes and somewhere you have to draw a line.

What happened to the good old value we are supposed to get in return for the time we invest in reading all these articles?

The Small Encyclopedia Freelancica With The Big Impact

I've been searching for a platform to share my freelance thoughts and experience. I tried the communities on the biggest and the most popular freelance websites. I hit the wall of the self-censorship "recommendations." Write something nice, but make sure you don't present us in a bad light. Then, there were countless vanity writing opportunities. The editors of these publications expect you to write more about yourself as a freelancer than the freelancing as a phenomenon.

Finally, I discovered goLance Blog. We have been on the same page from the moment one. Write something that freelancers would really read for a change. Let's improve some freelancer's life and work with our blogs.

The value comes first and the number of likes or shares comes last. Right?

I strongly believe that we are building a small encyclopedia for freelancers with goLance Blog.

Try Organic Because "Fast Food" Content Is Bad For Your Freelance Health

You can easily tell a difference between "organic" and "fast food" content for freelancers, can't you?

The good content sticks in your freelance mind and makes you become a better freelancer. The "fast food" content is easy to "digest" and even easier to forget.

Doesn't it work all the same? With some freelancers, you work only once. Some articles you read only once and very often you don't even finish reading them. When you find a good freelancer, you can't just get enough of his quality work. When you stumble upon a quality article about freelancing, you have to read it again.

The articles you can find here are the "breadcrumbs" left behind for freelancers who want to move to the next level of freelancing - goLancing.